Classes and Workshops at Tree Frog Farm

Practitioner Class in the YurtClasses at Tree Frog Farm offer the opportunity for you to learn new things, slow down and commune with the natural surroundings. Held on a regular basis, these classes are taught by Diana Pepper, co-owner of Tree Frog Farm. Below is a listing of the classes commonly offered at Tree Frog Farm on Lummi Island, Washington state USA.

Complete information on current classes is listed on our events calendar. Or E-mail us if you have a topic of interest you don’t see here that you’d like us to offer.

Taught by Diana Pepper:

Flower Essence Practitioner Training 2017

Tree Frog Farm is proud to present our second annual Flower Essence Practitioner Training Course taught by Diana Pepper, Co-owner of Tree Frog Farm, flower essence producer, lecturer and healer. Each class will be interactive hands-on, as well as lecture. The course is designed to train students to confidently select essences and prepare combination bottles for clients. Students with a healing practice will experience how to integrate essences into their existing practice. Students new to healing will be empowered to create a flower essence practitioner practice.

This 3-part class series will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday May 19-21, July 21-23 and October 20-22, 2017 from 10am to 5pm on Friday/Saturday and 10am to 3pm on Sunday. Each day will have an hour break for lunch, for a total of 48 class hours. A Flower Essence Practitioner Certificate will be awarded to students at the completion of the 3 classes. The course tuition will also include 48 flower essences and sample dosage bottles for creating your own custom blends. Learn more and sign up online here.

Talking With Guides Class
6 hours of class time $95.00

Diana will discuss:

  • How to know when Guides are talking vs your own thinking/imagination
  • How to tell the quality of the Guide you are talking with
  • Types of Guides, i.e. angels, ascended masters, animal spirits
  • Ways to enhance communication and build relationships
  • Using kinesiology or pendulum
  • Using flower essences
  • Plenty of time for Q&A
  • In class product specials

Making Flower Essences At Tree Frog Farm
6 hours of class time $95.00

Learn how flower essences are made at Tree Frog Farm. We will make an essence using both the “cut and float flowers on water method” and the “bring the plant spirit frequency directly into the mother bottle” method. You will experience how flower essences differ from other plant medicines and will practice intuitive methods for choosing flower essences for your vibrant health.

Flower Essences for Massage and Energy/Vibrational Healers
10 class hours of continuing education $200.00

Expand your healing practice with flower essences. In this class, experienced energy/vibrational healing professionals will learn how to choose and use flower essences with clients, and how to correlate Tree Frog Farm flower essences with chakras and organ energy systems. This is a hands-on class in which you will practice simple techniques for recognizing what is happening energetically below the presenting symptoms and for working with those imbalances.

Flower Essences for Shamanic Practitioners
6 hours of class time $95.00

Learn to work with plant spirits in the form of flower essences for yourself and to enhance your shamanic practice. Flower essences encourage necessary lifestyle changes, while providing powerful yet gentle support for your clients following extractions, soul retrievals and power animal retrievals. They are also effective for the energetic clearing and balancing of land.

Communing and Attuning with Nature and Nature Beings
6 hours of class time $95.00

Join us for an experiential day of interactive ritual and play with the Nature Beings of Tree Frog Farm. In this class you will learn to create sacred space that honors the nature beings where you live, and to differentiate between Angels, Devas, Fairies, and other nature beings. You will learn a method to energetically clear and protect your home and land.

Flower Essences for Animals and Their Companion People
6 hours of class time $95.00

A fun class for animal lovers. Issues such as adjusting to major changes, stress, physical ailments, trauma/abandonment, and animal/companion grief will be addressed. Please bring your animal’s picture, toy or favorite object.

Create-Your-Own Classes
Times and Tuition will Vary

Do one or more of the above classes interest you? Diana now offers an option for you and your friends to create a class that is tailored to your needs. Here is all you need to do:

  • Choose elements from the above listed classes to create your perfect class.
  • Provide a location within 2.5 hours of Bellingham, WA
  • Contact Diana, and together you will create a custom built class and a mutually acceptable time and fee schedule.