About Tree Frog Farm Flower and Tree Essences

At Tree Frog Farm, we work in a mutually supportive, co-creative partnership with Nature, to produce high-quality essences of Pacific Northwest native plants, medicinal herbs, and other garden plants. Tree Frog Farm is located on Lummi Island, in the temperate rain forest of the Pacific Northwest and along the Pacific Ring of Fire (a zone of frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that encircles the basin of the Pacific Ocean.) Together these environmental influences support the gentle, yet deeply transformative quality of our essences during these rapidly changing times.

Tree Frog Farm specializes in offering flower essences in a non-alcoholic base of red shiso and organic vinegar. In Japanese, shiso means ‘purple leaf’.  Red shiso, a robust member of the mint family, grows into lush 2 -3 feet high plants of deep magenta color. Besides contributing flavor and distinctive red color, red shiso contains “perilla aldehyde,” which gives it antimicrobial properties. Because of this, it is added to the ginger that is served with sushi and is used to make umeboshi plum in macrobiotic cooking. We grow our shiso here at Tree Frog Farm using organic processes and working closely with the Nature Beings for a vibrant crop. From the dried herb, we make tea infusions in reverse osmosis filtered well water drawn deep from the heart of our land, then add a small amount of organic white grain vinegar to further strengthen the red shiso’s preservative qualities.

The high vibrational frequency of the red shiso herb complements that of our flower essences, assists your body energy systems to resonate with and integrate higher frequencies, and addresses heart chakra issues.

Since some people are sensitive to vinegar or may prefer brandy as a preservative, we also offer our essences in brandy.

The process of making an essence is like tuning to a radio station. Turning the dial directs you to a particular frequency.  The more clearly your radio is aligned with that frequency, the clearer the transmission.  If not there is static.  Diana provides the intention to attune, dials up the frequency by inviting in the specific plant spirit, and acts as the antenna to receive that transmission. Instead of a song, what is received is more like a tone, a single note. Later, when several essences are mixed to make our Flower Essence Blends, they create a chord and even a song.

Bloodroot BottlesTree Frog Farm flower and tree essences are energetically grounded through a matrix of crystals. Originally, our essences were made by floating flowers on the water in a clear glass bowl, with small drusy quartz crystals placed around the base of the bowl. The bowl sat in the sun for 5 or 6 hours while the frequency of that particular plant was downloaded into the water. Since 2004, crystals are set in a matrix among the plants and “mother” bottles while the essences are being made. Each mother bottle is filled with a water and red shiso tea base, or a water and brandy base. Now the sun assists the download of the plant’s frequency directly into the base in each mother bottle, while the crystal matrix informs the way this process happens. Our blends are also energetically charged in a crystal matrix, which influences the quality and action of the blend.

A few of our essences, such as Mock Orange, Tropical Sunset Rose, Western Red Cedar Tree, Indian Pipe and Pathfinder, and Sweet Valentine Rose had sound infused into them while they were being made.  These sounds include Native American drum or rattle, Tibetan brass bowl, pennywhistle, wind chime, and Spirit song that comes through Diana’s voice. An eagle feather was also used in ceremonies when some essences, like Indian Pipe and Pathfinder, were made. Raven brought his shapeshifter quality to the Hawthorn Tree Essence. See each essence for details.

As a final stabilization, all of our essence “mother” bottles are placed in a Genesa Crystal* (a sacred geometry sculpture made of copper tubing) by a quartz crystal and Buddha statue for one hour.  Then the new essence is complete.

The next step is to make the bottles of essence that we sell.  They are at the vibrational level called stock bottles.  We fill 1/2 ounce bottles with the red shiso base.  Then we add drops from the “mother” bottle containing the red shiso base to introduce the essence into the base in the 1/2 ounce bottle and label the bottle.  That process is complete.

For essences in the brandy base, the process is the same except we fill the 1/2 ounce bottles with brandy and use drops from the mother bottle containing the brandy base.

*Find out more about Genesa Crystals by contacting Young Design, 33 Heron Cove Rd., Phippsburg Maine 04562. Phone/fax 207/386-0089.

Taking Care of Flower Essences

AltarHere are a few simple procedures for taking care of our essences.

  1. If you touch the dropper in any way, run water over it for about 15 seconds then shake it off, before returning it to the bottle. Any contact whether it’s your mouth, hand, or a tabletop will alter the vibrational purity of the essence.
  2. Keep the essences sitting upright in the bottle out of direct light when not in use. This protects the vibrational quality and keeps the essence from taking on the taste of the rubber stopper.
  3. Store the essences in a place that feels safe, respectful. This is pretty much common sense. Don’t store them where children can get into them. Essences won’t harm children; actually, they are quite good for children when used properly. However, they are in glass bottles with glass droppers and are not a plaything. Store them in a respectful place, not in a junk room or overcrowded closet.
  4. Also, store essences at a moderate temperature. If they get too hot or cold it will reduce their shelf life. Keep the bottles out of direct sunlight.
  5. Squeeze the remaining contents of the dropper back into the bottle before putting the dropper back into the bottle. Essence caught in the dropper may lose its vibrational integrity.
  6. If for any reason, you sense that the vibrational quality of essence has been compromised, ask to speak with the Deva of Flower Essences and ask that your essence be restored to full potency. This is not a complicated procedure. Just ask and it is done.