Flash Sale – Moving Forward

Dear Friends,

We are living in profound times. You are a divine being of immense light and potential! Keep your heart light and know that you are a part of something much bigger than what you are able to perceive. Break yourself from old behaviors and patterns and fill your heart with unconditional love for yourself. This will open your heart and being to the universal love that will raise your vibration. Help humanity move closer towards a world where we all live in a mutually harmonious way with each other and our Earth.

This time is truly about listening to your own inner voice when you seek answers. Recognize you have to be opened to receiving them. Calm your mind and release all of the lower vibrational emotions that separate you from your Higher Self. Forgive yourself for any regrets or shame you hold inside – this will only hold you in the loop you want to transcend from. If you catch yourself moving into a state of sorrow or anger, ask yourself if this is even your own to bare. Let go with a gentle ease and remind yourself that you are capable of great things. Flower essences can be your ally when you need gentle and yet powerful transformational assistance from the Earth! These essences were selected to help those who may need the extra help right now. You will find your path!

With Love and Light,


‘Have no fear, seek only to know yourselves, and live in harmony with the ways of your planet Earth.’ VGF

Rose Campion Flower Essence

Rose Campion (Lychnis coronaria) – Shifts lineage patterns of playing the victim, enabler and perpetrator roles on the personal, family, tribal, ethnic and racial levels. Heals the multi-generational wounds and opens access to wisdom of the ancestors. Click pic to learn more.

rose campion

Devil’s Club Flower Essence

Devil’s Club (Oplopanax horridus) – Provides support and comfort when life’s experiences have drained your inspiration and joy. Helpful when you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, whether it is part of your life or the larger world arena. A strong ally when you feel cut off from your spiritual roots, possibly leading to grief, dissociation, addictive tendencies, abusive behavior or lack of inspiration. Click pic to learn more.

devil's club

Sweet Briar Wild Rose Flower Essence

Sweet Briar Wild Rose (Rosa rubiginosa) – Opens your heart to trust and love yourself and people around you. It takes the blinders off of your eyes so you can see the old patterns that disrupt your flow of love, gives you the courage to witness them without acting on them, and instills the heart-centeredness to instead acknowledge and act on what you really want. Click pic to learn more.

sweet briar rose

Purple Passion Rose Flower Essence

Purple Passion Rose (Rosa “Purple Passion”) – Brings to light and supports consciously transmuting interwoven karmic patterns. Creates awareness with aspects of yourself in other dimensions and with your Higher Self to assist fulfilling your karmic purpose for this lifetime. Click pic to learn more.

purple passion rose

Lungwort Flower Essence

Lungwort (Pulmonaria officinalis) – Helps you to move beyond duality to find dynamic balance between the “unseen and the “seen.” Most of us operate from a mindset of duality. We tend to focus on right/wrong, yes/no, good/bad etc. within ourselves and in our daily life. Integrate opposite aspects of yourself into harmonious living. Click pic to learn more.


Burdock Flower Essence

Burdock (Arctium lappa) – Releases stuck, suppressed anger imbedded deep in your body and energy fields from both present and past life experiences. This anger may also be related to an experience of grief or loss.

burdock flower - TFF

Comfrey Flower Essence

Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) – Aids in the healing of wounds so deep and traumatic that they affect your soul’s journey. Encourages feeling emotionally and physically safe, and engenders tenderness, self-compassion and joy during this deep healing process.


Indian Pipe Flower Essence

Indian Pipe (Monotropa uniflora) – Activates rising above arguing, warring, resentment and grudges to see how each person, including yourself, is playing a role in a conflict that is providing lessons for your spiritual growth. From this perspective access forgiveness, personal peace, embody the lessons and step away from the drama.