Flash Sale – Being Neurodivergent

A sociologist from Australia, Judy Singer, first coined the term ‘neurodiversity’ in 1998 to recognize that not everyones brain develops in the same way. Neurodivergent people have a unique brain that works different from the way a neurotypical persons brain functions. Ways of communicating, socializing, learning, or environmental perception are types of functioning that differ between the two types.

Some who are neurodivergent struggle in certain social situations and can become overwhelmed easily in noisy or crowded environments. Some have difficulty communicating productively with others in person, but excel at writing. Preferences to using email or text is common among people who have a neurodivergent brain.
If you, or someone you know is neurodivergent, understanding and accommodating this unique way of seeing the world can be life changing.

For this flash sale the essences featured can be helpful for those who function in a neurodivergent way. Many of these are found in our Brain Essence Blend which assists with improving cognitive brain function. Flash sale ends on Monday, Oct 10th, so don’t wait to get these essences. Buy more than 6 essences and we will ship them in a storage box. Makes for easy storage and safe keeping of your essences when not in use.

Twinberry Essence


Twinberry – Calms and soothes a frazzled nervous system. Reduces over reactive, instinctive, and visceral fear. Helps soothe hyperactivity, anxiety, and panic attacks from overwhelm.

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Twinflower Essence


Twinflower – Assists the mind and body to more easily take in and integrate sensory stimuli in your surroundings. Calms mental confusion and the sense of being overwhelmed from sensory overload.

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Lily of the Valley Essence

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley – Facilitates reconnection of the circuitry between your Higher Self and your normal human brain functions. Neural cells (the ‘brain’ of the heart) connect with the higher emotional functions (the ‘heart’ of the brain) allowing consciousness to permeate the body, unifying Spirit and matter.

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Common Rush Essence

Common Rush

Common Rush – Facilitates grounding and stability while aligning the heart and the mind. Clears foggy-headedness and facilitates thinking more clearly. Smooths the process of receiving higher frequency information.

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Lupine Essence

Common Rush

Lupine – Retrains the energetic pathways that feed fear and anxiety toward responding from place of personal peace and gratitude.

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Pennyroyal Essence


Pennyroyal – Provides the strength to stand firmly in your center when experiencing perceived danger. Cycles through the fight/flight/freeze response and rebalances your nervous system toward that of personal peace and ease in fulfilling your higher purpose.

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Nasturtium Essence


Nasturtium – Come in to Self. Filters excessive energy connecting from your head, heart, and body to engender a sense of well-being from physical life force, and a sense of deep personal peace.

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Lavender Essence


Lavender – Shifts repetitive thinking to a more calm flow of thoughts with clear understanding, through a more heart-centered connection.Strengthens personal boundaries and brings peace of mind for more restful sleep.

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Red Clover Essence

Red Clover

Red Clover – Supports transitioning to expanded states of consciousness. Transforms lower-frequency emotional states rooted in the nervous system, body biochemistry, and the emotional subtle body.

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Chamomile (German) Essence

German Chamomile

Chamomile (German) – Calms sensitivities, irritations, and ‘raw nerves’ where the ’emotional skin’ interacts with the world around you. Supports easily digesting experiences so they can comfortably be incorporated into your new understanding of life. Calms the peripheral nervous system.

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