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There are electromagnetic fields all around us, originating from various sources like solar flares and everyday devices. These EMFs can disrupt not only our own electromagnetic fields but also impact the Earth’s natural balance. The consequences of these disturbances can be significant, potentially leading to power grid failures and other disruptions. Signs of intense earth energy can be observed through unique vegetation patterns and growth anomalies in certain areas.

Our bodies are intricately connected to the electromagnetic fields in our environment, affecting cellular communication, organ function, and overall well-being. From exposure to electronic devices during the day to the infiltration of EMFs from cell towers at night, it’s essential to find ways to counteract the negative effects of electromagnetic influences. Implementing practices like Electromagnetic Field Vitality (EMFV) and Electrical System Integration (ESI) can help support our body’s recovery from EMF exposure and promote energetic balance.

In addition to these practices, incorporating flower essences such as Ninebark, Iris, and Arnica can provide further assistance in managing the stress and shock caused by electromagnetic influences. By taking proactive steps to address the impact of EMFs on our health, we can better protect ourselves and optimize our well-being in today’s technology-driven world.

We likely won’t be offering our Body Electric Blends on Special again until the end of the year, so this is a great time to get stocked up on one of our best selling and highly rated essence blends. Sale runs through this weekend only. ** If you are in a state that still utilizes daylight savings time like we are (but I wish we weren’t!) this Sunday is spring forward on your clocks, too!

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Electromagnetic Field Vitality Body Electric Blend

Strengthens and vitalizes the electromagnetic fields in and around your body! Electromagnetic Field Vitality (EMFV) Blend clears intrusions, stagnant energies, misalignments and imbalances, then establishes harmony within your energy fields and supports appropriate boundaries. 


Du Ren Energy Meridian Essence Blend

The Du Ren Blend instills core strength and stability. It works at the points on the Du and Ren meridians, including the chakras, to integrate high-frequency energies into your body. When this process flows smoothly body/mind/spirit connection stays within the balance of dynamic equilibrium.

A balanced Ren meridian enhances emotional, mental, and spiritual stability and restores life force and vitality. It regulates the 3 spaces (burners) and related organs.

A balanced Du meridian enhances emotional, mental, and physical strength to stand in your own power, and encourages you to have the “spine” to engage life from your authentic self.


Ninebark Flower Essence

Use Ninebark Flower Essence when you feel energetically unstable, overloaded, or distressed. This can happen when you have experienced a life crisis, serious illness, disruption from EMF exposure, or a major spiritual shift.


Electrical Systems Integration Body electric Blend

Enliven your energy matrix! Electrical System Integration (ESI) Blend enhances communication between all of the electrical circuitry in and around your body providing energetic ease. This includes your connection to the matrix of the universal All-That-Is, energy fields, chakras, organ energy meridians, cells & nervous systems. ESI does not take the place of balancing individual chakras, organs or other systems.


Iris Flower Essence

Iris Flower Essence connects the torus of electromagnetic energy around your body with Earth and Spirit, even if your connection has been severely compromised by being in a disruptive environment. This can include being around computers or high voltage wires; 5G, EMF exposure; working in an energetically, emotionally, or chemically polluted environment; to be on land that has been recently clearcut, mined, or damaged in some way. Iris Essence channels this strengthened connection of your body with Earth and Spirit to the cellular level, which improves overall health. 


Arnica Flower Essence

Use Arnica Flower Essence when you want to unravel shock held in your body, possibly from a recent event like an accident, surgery, abuse, or emotional distress, or from previous trauma. Often this shock is locked in the nervous, muscular, and endocrine systems, contributing to symptoms like fibromyalgia, hypertension, and adrenal exhaustion.


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