August 2006: White Cone, Violet Light: Marshmallow

Meadow RueMarshmallows grow in our garden.  Not the white sticky ones that kids roast over a summer campfire, but the real thing.  Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis), originally grew in brackish wetlands from Europe through Asia, and has naturalized into marshy areas of North America. For thousands of years, marshmallow roots, leaves and flowers have been used to soothe and soften tissues, expel excess mucus and control bacterial infections.  The mucilage, or gummy secretion, in the leaves and particularly the root is helpful for soothing sore throats, chapped skin, and minor wounds. Powdered roots were made into soft lozenges for throat infections and coughs. This was the forerunner of the grocery store marshmallows of today.

White Cone, Violet Light: Marshmallow

Marshmallow is a beautiful plant with soft fuzzy grey-green leaves.  A tall stand of it is in full bloom now.  I enjoy pausing a moment as I pass the labyrinth garden to look deep inside the white petals at the vibrant purple stamens. The shape of the flower resembles the cone-like shape of a chakra.

As a flower essence marshmallow resonates with the higher white and purple frequencies that are coming into our brains through our crown chakras during this period of rapid human evolution. I have observed in my clients and myself over the last two years how it assists as our bodies are adjusting to these higher frequencies. Marshmallow flower essence aligns the crown chakra and cranial bones with these white and violet frequencies of light.  Aligning the crown chakra provides the pathway, while aligning the cranial bones provides the expanded space, for these frequencies to integrate into the whole brain.  This process reduces the pressure on the cranial bones and brain and helps to balance the cerebral spinal fluid. This, in turn, reduces headaches, lightheadedness and the spacey sensation that may accompany your spiritual expansion process.

Marshmallow says of itself:

I AM ease with integrating higher white and purple frequencies into the brain.

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