Flash Sale – Connection and Clairvoyance

Connection and Clairvoyance. It is always good to hone in on your natural abilities. If you are seeking guidance from your spirit guides or just trying to clearly envision what you want for yourself, these essences are what you need to help assist on this journey into your deeper knowing.

Clary Sage essence will be helpful in the first steps on manifesting what you want for yourself. Lee’s Purple is the Rhododendron Flower essence which is a contributor to our 3rd Eye Charka Blend. Saskatoon and San Juan Mugwort are also helpful for receiving information that is fundamental to your next step and assessing your full potential.

Lady’s Mantle essence offers a loving balm when you experience life’s shocks and need that pick me up to keep going on what you want!

Lily of the Valley essence will help you when you are feeling stuck and disconnected to your full potential and need to integrate yourself into the multi-dimensional realm.

Motherwort Flower Essence will help when feeling an unresolved shock to the emotional heart. I should’ve included this one in our last flash sale.

Lungwort essence is useful for when you are having difficulty slowing down, connecting with yourself.

Cherry Festival Tree Peony essence is an ally to help those who feel so wounded that they have lost connection to Spirit, Source, God/ Goddess.

All of these flower essences will be on sale now through Monday evening.

Blessings- Rhaychell

Clary Sage Flower Essence

Clary Sage

Use Clary Sage Flower Essence when having difficulty clearly seeing what you want to manifest for your life, clearly defining a project or envisioning your next step. Desiring more clarity to receive and interpret intuitive and psychic seeing, hearing, sensing, or knowing.

Being clear about what you want to create is one of the first steps in the process of manifesting anything. The information that is needed to clarify what you want to create often is received through psychic impressions, which is the language of Spirit.

Rhododendron Flower Essence


Lee’s Purple Rhododendron Flower Essence facilitates opening the Third Eye Chakra and improves clairvoyance.

Opens your Third Eye Chakra which facilitates developing etheric sight, perceiving beyond time and space, and transpersonal experiences. This essence is also helpful when experiencing headaches, nightmares, eyestrain, blurred vision, and sleep disturbances. Relating only to the physical world.

Saskatoon Flower Essence


Assists whole brain functioning at the new higher frequencies by supporting wiring of new brain pathways. Stabilizes ability to think clearly, orient in space, unsettled emotions and body metabolism. Facilitates being peacefully grounded in your body.

San Juan Mugwort Flower Essence


Use San Juan Mugwort Flower Essence when you receive spiritual inspiration, visions or channeled information but are not clear how it relates to daily life. It deepens your ability to clearly understand and interpret symbols, images and information that you receive and to increase your insight of how to ground these into your life. Sometimes your consciousness may get pulled into alternate reality while you are going about your daily activities in ordinary reality. In this situation, San Juan Mugwort Flower Essence helps you understand what is happening and interpret what you need to learn from this experience. It is helpful when you want to open your 3rd eye and etheric sight.

Motherwort Flower Essence


Use Motherwort Flower Essence when feeling an unresolved shock to the emotional heart.  Could be from a trauma, neglect or loss of a loved one – may lead to feeling detached and joyless. You may feel separated from Spirit, be self-critical, seek approval, or feel less than others. There may be hardness in your communication and actions to cover up insecurity.

Other symptoms might include depression, high or low blood pressure, hyper or hypothyroid, physical heart problems, nervous anxiety and emotional exhaustion. These symptoms may appear or become accentuated during menopause.

Lady’s Mantle Flower Essence

Ladies Mantle

Use Lady’s Mantle Flower Essence when you have difficulty calming your nervous system primarily from shock to the emotional heart. This could manifest as feeling anxious, joyless, being hyperactive, having hypertension or high blood pressure. Lady’s Mantle is a welcome balm if you have difficulty loving yourself and are unable to care about other people when you are hurting.

Lungwort Flower Essence


Use Lungwort Flower Essence when having difficulty slowing down, connecting with yourself and finding balance in your life. You may be living as if duality is the only reality. This could show as an inability to find harmony between opposites, such as male and female aspects of yourself. You could be unwilling to recognize or accept the influence of “unseen” energies and higher dimensional influences in your daily life. Or you may want to better integrate the “unseen” into daily life but can’t establish a strong connection.

Lily of the Valley Flower Essence

Lily of the Valley

Use Lily of the Valley Flower Essence when you have difficulty accessing multidimensional information. When you feel disconnected from your spiritual potential and powerless to access it. Helpful when you want to integrate brain, heart and body functions for higher consciousness.

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