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Hello Friends,

Connection to the Earth and Spirit bring about a peace within me that I feel I’ve been lacking lately. I’m not always the best at slowing down and getting into that quiet space necessary to meditate as much as I would like to. I push myself to become better at connecting to the Now and staying present for every moment rather than just go through the motions.

My flower essence journey has been the key to unlocking my self-made fortress. I had built up walls and developed mechanisms to keep myself safe at a young age, some of it was not even necessary anymore.

When I started training at Tree Frog Farm in 2017, Diana was preparing for her summer Flower Essence Practitioner Training Course. She asked me if I would be interested in doing a consultation with her during her class so that she can teach her technique to her students. I immediately said Yes, I would love to! Then the anxiety set in and ate at me for the next few hours as thoughts of opening up to not only my new boss, but in a room of strangers started to terrify me. When the time came for the consultation that afternoon, I decided to let this opportunity transform me. Diana has a way of comfortably drawing out of you the emotions that are suppressed and holding you back from connecting to your higher self. If you had the privilege of having a consultation done with Diana, you know what I mean by this. I am quite passionate now about the wonderful healing powers that plants have to offer – particularly flower essences.

Love and Light,


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Blue Cohosh Essence

Blue Cohosh Flower Essence brings your mind and attention into the Now, the Present. This allows you to observe thoughts, feelings and sensations as they arise without reacting and attaching to them, and to let them gently drift through like puffy white clouds moving across the sky. This brings you to the quiet place of mind and opens your awareness to connect with higher spiritual energies. Blue Cohosh Essence is a welcome ally during meditation. 

As Blue Cohosh Essence Says of itself: I AM present in the Now with a quiet mind. 

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Black Cohosh Essence

Black Cohosh Flower Essence supports a playful approach to physical body changes accompanying aging or the spiritual maturation process. Many of the physical and emotional symptoms that we experience are due to misalignments and miscommunications between parts of the body/mind. This essence facilitates realignment and improved communication between dimensional layers within the body.

As Black Cohosh Essence Says of itself: I AM aligned flow of communication in the body during spiritual maturation and aging.

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Black Hellebore Essence

Use when you experience soul loss. This essence facilitates the soul retrieval process and integration of the returned soul parts. This can be soul loss from a present or past lifetime. Black Hellebore Flower Essence also facilitates integrating soul aspects of concurrent lives in higher frequency dimensions that you are ready to receive. It encourages you to look back to learn from the situations that led to soul loss and to purge the shackles of those experiences.

As Black Hellebore essence says of Itself: I AM integration of soul parts from lifetimes past, present and concurrent at higher frequency dimensions.

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Chocolate Lily Essence

Use Chocolate Lily Flower Essence when you feel untethered and disconnected from Earth. Useful for imbalances of the Earth chakra and Root chakra. Such as disconnection from your body, difficulty with daily tasks, feeling unsafe and insecure within yourself and with other people, lack of or rigid boundaries, and financial insecurity. Affects misalignment in the lower spine and hips that holds old anger or structural tension. Chocolate Lily Flower Essence is also useful when you have difficulty downloading and interpreting information from your spiritual Guidance.

As Chocolate Lily Essence Says of Itself: I AM deeply rooted through my spine into the Mother Earth and receive clear multi-dimensional guidance.

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Self Heal Flower Essence

This essences helps clear interference patterns that misalign the chakras and cause physical, emotional, mental and spiritual symptoms. By aligning and balancing all of the chakras, it enhances your ability to receive downloads of information from many realms. Including Angels, Illuminated Beings and the Nameless Light, and to integrate this information with ease. Strengthens the energy circuits that affect the alignment of the spine, cerebral spinal fluid balance, and pressure in the head. Bringing more ease to the head, neck, shoulders, back, and hips. This helps you feel clearer and more grounded in your body, enabling your body/mind to function coherently.

As Self Heal Essence says of itself: I AM clear-minded, heart-centered, healthy decisions about life choices.

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Yellow Day Lily Essence

Yellow Day Lily Flower Essence works through the Solar Plexus Chakra to shift lower emotional and mental states to a sense of deep calm. Assists you to correct misalignments in your life that lead to out of balance emotional states. Orients you to the parasympathetic nervous system, so you can become nourished and comforted by the sweetness of life. Relaxes you into the feeling of a warm sunny spring day. Let it nourish and comfort you. Use Yellow Day Lily Flower Essence when you often feel agitated, anxious or over stimulated. Also helpful when you are overdoing things, overbooking or pushing yourself. If you feel burned out, and have forgotten how sweet life can be.

As Yellow Day Lily Essence says of Itself: I AM deeply relaxed and enjoy the sweetness of life.

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Stinging Nettle Essence

Stinging Nettle Flower Essence helps you to see and change old behaviors. For example, behaviors that were necessary for survival as a child are not healthy as an adult. Stinging Nettle Essence clears your thinking and aligns your heart with self-love and connection to Spirit. This enables you to see and respond to unhealthy, toxic or abusive situations more appropriately. 

As Stinging Nettle Essence says of itself: I AM clear-minded, heart-centered, healthy decisions about life choices.

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Ruby Hellebore Flower Essence

Use Ruby Hellebore Flower Essence when you feel worn out from grief, sorrow or heartache to the point that you feel hopeless. This feeling may be accompanied by a sense of not being protected and creates an intense need to build up rigid boundaries against the world. 

Ruby Hellebore Flower Essence works where there are no words, in the emotional heart. This essence brings a sense that your heart is safe and protected. Helps you to discern appropriate boundaries. It instills courage and resilience from the heart to help you access deep peace and gentle joy in your daily life.  

As Ruby Hellebore says of itself: I AM courage and resilience during times of heartache and hopelessness.

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