Flash Sale – Release the Habit of Judgment

Being Human, our Ego can get in the way of our true potential. What society dictates we allow, but should we be so judgemental? In the measure of seeking approval from others, we are saying that we disapprove of who we are and what we desire to experience and feel. If we can truly love and accept who we are and perceive less of how we appear to others, we will begin to see that judging has no merit.

Accepting your Self as your true being, letting go of the altered Ego, and going with the flow of life rather than resist can change how we experience this life. Love yourself unconditionally, that’s not so hard, right?

The way to stop the cycle of fear-based emotions is to understand that we are a part of the Divine ALL-that-is. Passing judgment is easy, we all do it, and for the most part, probably without even giving it a second thought. When we do this, our Ego drives us to feel adequate. When we are self-critical, we are functioning on the lower vibrational spectrum and will attract more of the same into our lives. We are really just judging ourselves when we judge others. Love does not judge.

Shaming strangers online has become commonplace and it brings us all down. There is not much of the rule ‘if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all’ being practiced! I am not here to shame any of you or myself. I am simply trying to get on this path of being self-uplifting, less critical, and perfectionistic in my approach to life. To worry less about what others perceive me as and work more on my own Self-perception. A lot is going on in this world right now that is fear-based. Living in fear as a whole is taking its toll on us all. Practice being less self-critical and more self-accepting. Nothing to win, nothing to lose. Come from a place of love and acceptance for ALL people no matter how they choose to be. We are truly all in this together!

The essences I’ve chosen for this flash sale (which runs through the weekend and ends on Monday, Aug. 30th) are welcomed allies in the self-love/awareness realm. Some may be more obvious than others, but we all have our own paths. Choose where you want to be. 🙂

In Kindness,


purple monarda

Purple Monarda (Monarda Fistulosa) – Assists with directly receiving information from the spiritual realms by shifting one’s attitude, belief systems, and behaviors to be more in sync with the upgrades in human consciousness. Helps to integrate the higher frequency spiritual energy that penetrates the collective human consciousness during times of transformation.

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woodland strawberry flower essence

Woodland Strawberry (Fragaria Vesca) – Surrender to life’s situations from an emotionally stable place of calm acceptance instead of worrying yourself to exhaustion and tears by wanting to create certainty in an uncertain world. Supports thinking clearly and feeling authentically.

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lungwort flower essence

Lungwort (Pulmonaria Officinalis) – Most of us operate from a mindset of duality. We tend to focus on right/wrong, yes/no, good/bad, etc. within ourselves and in our daily life. As your two lungs operate in unison, Lungwort Flower Essence helps you to integrate opposite aspects of yourself into harmonious living.

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borage flower essence

Borage (Borago Officinalis) – Transforms deep-seated sorrow, bitterness, and blame as they pass through the heart and higher heart chakras. Then flow effortlessly pouring forth from your Throat chakra as heart-centered conscious speech imbued with Divine power. Borage Flower Essence shifts a tendency of being self-focused toward being more caring towards other people who are also experiencing difficulties.

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pacific bleeding heart flower essence

Pacific Bleeding Heart (Dicentra Formosa) – Supports compassion for yourself and others as challenging situations unfold. Engenders compassion to see how your mind interprets stories of your life and how this affects your actions. Wrap yourself in the pink light of Divine Love, let go of any fear, and be safely at peace in your Heart’s Home.

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Western Columbine (Aquilegia Formosa) – Increases optimism for living, supports building self-confidence, impulses making changes in your life, and encourages living an engaged and competent life. (One of my personal favorites!)

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starflower flower essence

Starflower (Trientalis Latifolia) – Remember you are a multi-dimensional soul having a human experience. Starflower Essence is also helpful when you get caught in the disempowering stories of your life and forget that you can align with the Divine Matrix to create your reality. When we remember who we really are, we will recreate empowered lives and co-create a peaceful world.

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foxglove flower essence

Foxglove (Digitalis Purpurea) – All that you experience is for learning. Inoculate the seed of the Higher Heart by practicing forgiveness. Then, jumpstart the Higher Heart through connecting with the primordial unconditional fire of Love, and Creation.

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