Flash Sale – Love Vibration

The love vibration is the vibration of Spirit. When you are heart-centered, the world becomes less about the lower vibrational frequencies that we experience through our ego. We transcend from thoughts, actions, and feelings of the ego that minimize and victimize us when we live in the love vibration. We can start to achieve living in the love vibration by being more grateful for what we have. Taking the high road when we are in situations of conflict and seeking the good in everyone and everything.

It seems like a simple concept to live in the love vibration, but it can be one of the most challenging to achieve. When we are heart-centered in our thoughts, words, and actions the universe clears a path for us to encounter people and places that guide us to our true potential. When we live with love in our hearts we no longer indulge in the dramas of life. Instead, we invest our emotional and physical energy into attracting the vibrations of the heart, leading us to find our passion and live a more fulfilling life.

Something we strive for in the business of making flower essences at Tree Frog Farm is helping achieve Healing to Wholeness. It is one of our mottos! Being “whole” means to gather up and heal the fragmented parts of ourselves that have become disconnected from Spirit. Feelings of unworthiness are often connected to painful experiences in our past. Start with just the simple things. Be kind to yourself and others. The flower essences in this flash sale will help you along the way.

With love and light for you All,

sweet valentine rose

Sweet Valentine Rose Flower Essence

Opens and connects the heart chakra through all of the personal, astral, and spiritual energy fields. Calls forth forgiveness and grounds these energies into the physical. Soothes intrusions, irritations, and disturbances through all of the energy fields out to the 9th layer boundary.

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Kinnikinnik Flower Essence

Encourages you to gently snuggle into self-love and opens the back of the heart chakra. It instills the will to open-heartedly accept and love others, which leads to a vibrant, expansive life.

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Our Lady of Guadalupe Rose

Our Lady of Guadalupe Rose Flower Essence

Calibrates the unfolding of the Higher Heart chakra as it conducts higher love frequencies into your physical body. Can be helpful in encouraging you to keep your heart and higher heart chakras open during this process.

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Golden Celebration rose

Golden Celebration Rose Flower Essence

Softens your armor against the outside world by illuminating the golden column of light at the center of your body. This creates protection from the inside out and opens a safe heart-filled place from which you can engage life with enthusiasm.

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Crocosmia Flower Essence

Encourages you to playfully engage your emotional strength, power and will to express yourself confidently with enthusiasm.

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Foxglove Flower Essence

All that you experience is for learning. Activate the Higher Heart by practicing forgiveness and connecting with unconditional Love.

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Cottonwood Tree

Cottonwood Tree Essence

Effortlessly radiate and be Love. Spread seeds of Love to the world. Grow the tree of Love by connecting your roots with the warmth and Love of the Sun. Inspires heartful harmony between species.

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Sweet Briar Rose

Sweet Briar Wild Rose Flower Essence

Consistency with Love come rain or come shine. Fuels constant love for yourself and others, the courage to witness old hurtful patterns, and the heart-centeredness to act on what you really want.

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Pink Wild Honeysuckle

Pink Wild Honeysuckle Flower Essence

Restores childlike joy, playfulness, laughter, innocence and openness. Inspires being enthralled with the magic in each moment. Focusing on what is fun, happy and feels good instead of what is wrong or might happen.

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