5 Day Sale! All 1 oz Essence Blends + Shipping Special


Giving Thanks Month continues! All our 1 oz Essence Blends are on Special from November 11th to the 16th! With our shipping discount still available for all orders, now is the perfect time to stock up on your favorite essence blends and buy gifts for friends and family from Tree Frog Farm for the Holidays!

Choose from any of our 8 Life Process Blends, 8 Chakra Essence Blends, 13 Organ Energy Meridian Blends, and 2 Body Electric Blends – a total of 31 products – on Special until next Friday :).

*Please Note* If the temperatures in your area are freezing or below, your essences could freeze and bottles break. It will be helpful for us to know if you will be home to receive your package, or if we need to have the post office hold it for you to pick up. Please write any special delivery instructions in the comments when you make your order. Thank You!


Organ Energy Meridian Blends

Organ Energy Meridian Blends

Organ Energy Meridian Blends are formulated using principles from the Chinese Five Element understanding of health. Each blend relates to the energy field around a specific organ and its corresponding meridian through which “chi” or life force flows.

Our OEM Blends are designed to open blockages in the meridian pathways and the field around the organ. This creates an instant shift into energetic balance leading to a greater level of health and vitality.

For more information about the Organ Energy Meridian Essence Blends click the link below.


Life Process Essence Blends

Process Blends

Life Process Essence Blends support your healing, spiritual growth, and daily life through a wide range of processes. This includes our Shock or Stress (SOS) Flower Remedy, Transform Ease, Sacred Energies, Manifest, Calm Centered Clear, and more.

For more information about the Life Process Essence Blends click the link below.


Chakra Essence Blends

Chakra blends

Strengthen the flow of spiritual life-force energies that move into your body through the chakras! Each of the 7 Major Chakras connects to a specific area on the spine and to an endocrine gland affecting both the nervous system and metabolic processes in the body. When the chakras are open and clear you experience vibrant health and aliveness.

Complete with the 15 Chakra Blend, Unified Spirit, and Wholeness. Look for the new label for this blend – which we will begin rolling out after the last of our old labels are done!

For more information about the Chakra Essence Blends click the link below.


Body Electric Essence Blends

Body Electric Blends

Body Electric Blends help clear, strengthen, and revitalize the electrical circuitry and electromagnetic fields in and around your body. This provides energetic ease and appropriate boundaries and includes your connection to the matrix of the universal All-That-Is. Revitalize and strengthen your energy fields, cells, and nervous system with Electrical Systems Integration Essence Blend and Electromagnetic Field Vitality Essence Blend.

For more information about the Body Electric Essence Blends click the link below.


November Holiday Specials


Bath Salt Trio

Our therapeutic quality bath salts start with a base of Epsom salts, sea salts, and organic powdered milk to relax your muscles, clear your cells, and soothe your skin. Then we add flower essences and real essential oils for one of the best healing and uplifting baths on Earth! Each bag makes 4 to 6 baths.


Yuletide Blessings Aromatherapy & Essence Mister

This Aromatherapy & Flower Essence Mister is only available during the Holiday Season. Made with the highest quality essential oils of Allspice, Juniper, Western Red Cedar, Bitter Orange, Frankincense, and Vetiver. Purchase while supplies last.

For more information about Yuletide Blessings click the link below.


Flower and Tree Essences

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