Flash Sale – They Might Be Giants

I remember many times in my childhood the casual mention of giants. The mountain range dubbed The Sleeping Giant near Helena, Montana is one that immediately comes to mind. But, like a lot of things in childhood, some of these stories fade into the background as ‘fairytales’, and many start to disbelieve in anything that seems too silly to be anything more than stories.

Montana has some of the most amazing natural wonders and treasures. With its wide-open spaces and frigid winters that keep the population one of the lowest in the United States, it remains a place of hidden gems still to this day. Growing up, my Dad would take me hiking often. A place I loved hiking was next to where I lived on a ridge where extremely large, and unusual rock formations littered the earth. Giant stones stacked precariously upon each other like they once had a purpose. I remember thinking even as a kid there was no way these huge boulders and slabs of stone were like this naturally. But how did they get like this? You would have to be a giant to move them!

These rock formations are very similar to other large rock formations, known as Dolmans. Stonehenge in England and others found in the surrounding region are of ancient Celtic origin but are still a bit of a mystery. How were ancient humans able to move these large stones?

Turns out that my intuition as a child about these giant rock formations near my home was spot on. They have been well documented, albeit secretly so, by a woman who has dubbed these the Montana Megaliths. There are several sites near Helena that look like the rock formations I found with my Dad. The ones shown in these photos here look like the ones I pondered about in awe and climbed on as a young girl and very well could be some of the same ones. People have been very tight-lipped about the exact locations to keep them from being destroyed, and I respect and honor this point of view.

The amount of proof that is already available about the existence of an ancient race of giants that lived on Earth should be enough to have them be documented as facts and not just something still hidden from our history. These kinds of hidden truths are all but forgotten or made to be from a vivid imagination. It’s much the same view when it comes to the realm in which the fae dwell. There is the belief that if one cannot see with their own eyes the existence of something, then it must not be real. We deceive ourselves with this way of thinking and selective seeing.

We set the stage for what we view as our reality. Many don’t even realize that they write their own story but we do. We have the power within our set of skills to either use it or lose it. There is a lot of learning and growth involved in ascending from our 3-dimensional veil. Growth can be painful if it happens too quickly. Some parts may be resistant, and that’s when we experience growing pains.

Flower essences provide us with the subtle healing and knowledge we need to grow and evolve within our limits. This allows for the painful spurts we experience to be less extreme for our body, mind, and spirit. On your healing journey, you may have found that you are also growing spiritually in the process. This is not a coincidence. You are becoming more aware of the truths that many others are still resistant to. Be kind to those who aren’t on this same wavelength though. We are all in this together! We are each on our own path. We have different journeys, and our experiences take us down different paths during our development with our own lessons to be learned. Personal growth looks different for each of us!

Passing judgments or having feelings of superiority over one another keeps us resonating at a lower frequency. We are all in this together, nothing is separate. Releasing feelings of fear and separateness will shape our reality into a more pleasant and loving one. I hope that you have been able to get into that self-love mode, as this is where it starts. Healing is a journey, and you are on the right path!


This Flash Sale runs through the weekend 2/18 -2/20. Prices increase for all Tree Frog Farm products after next week, so stock up on your favs now!

Lungwort (Pulmonaria officinalis) – Helps you to move beyond duality to find a dynamic balance between the “unseen and the “seen.” As your two lungs operate in unison helps you to integrate opposite aspects of yourself into harmonious living.

Red-Osier Dogwood (Cornus serice, aka Cornus stolonifera) – Aligns the body/mind where frequencies are out of resonance with your evolutionary process and are disrupting your cellular body coherence.

Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis) – Facilitates connection of the circuitry between Higher Self and human brain functions, activating a sphere of All-That-Is. “Brain” (neural cells) of the heart connect with the “heart” (higher emotional functions) of the brain allowing consciousness to permeate the body, unifying Spirit and matter.

Garry Oak Tree (Quercus garryanna) – Ancient wisdom for knowing how to journey through and operate within alternate dimensions in a healthy and cohered way; expanding into alternate perceptions, receiving clear verbal, kinesthetic and visual information then returning to ordinary reality with ease.

Evergreen Huckleberry (Vaccinium ovatum) – Interrupts the culturally instilled cycle of fear, depression, grief, anger, lack of trust or safety, then back to fear. Orients you toward your inner path of peace, harmony, and health.

Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) – As you walk through the threshold of expanded consciousness wrapped in Light, transform lower frequency emotions that stand in your way of progressing with ease.

Pink Wild Honeysuckle(Lonicera hispidula) – Restores childlike joy, playfulness, laughter, innocence, and openness. Inspires being enthralled with the magic in each moment. Encourages focus on what is fun, happy, and feels good instead of what is wrong or might happen.

Grand Fir Tree (Abies grandis) – Works through the 3rd eye chakra and the energy circuits that support presence, focus and attention outside of time. It helps you to transcend individuality and seek oneness with Everything, while staying grounded in your life. Resets disrupted sleeping patterns.