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Mid-May 2017: Calm and Clear

May 2017: Calm and Connected

Mid-April 2017: Beautiful Blue & Green Earth!

April 2017: Crystalized Flower Essences

Mid-March 2017: Detox Your Emotions

March 2017: My Flower Essence Story

Mid-February 2017: Spiritual Growth with Ease

February 2017: heArt of Being Human

Mid-January 2017: From Fear to Confidence

January 2017: Manifest with Confidence

Mid-December 2016: Sacred Holidays

December 2016: Creating Sacred Holiday Space

Mid-November 2016: Thank you Shipping Special! Bath Salts and Yuletide Blessings!

2016 Election Special Edition: Election Reaction

November 2016: Election Confusion

Mid-October 2016: Elemental Grief

October 2016: Letting Go of Grief

Mid-September 2016: Spiritual Spine in Action & Shipping Special

September 2016: Calm at School

Mid-August 2016: Relax into Autumn

August 2016: Manifest with Confidence

Mid-July 2016: Joyful Digestion

July 2016: Evolutionary Stamina with Ease

March 2016: Grounding The In-Between

Mid-February 2016: Becoming Humans of Peace

August 2012: Heart of Spiritual Fire

Mid-July 2012: Riding the Transformational Roller Coaster

September 2011: Autumn Nourishment

August 2011: Riding the Frequency Change Waves

July 2011: Open Creative Heart

June 2011: Fires of Summer

January 2004: Clary Sage, Clarity for the New Year

November 2003: Attunement With the Harmonic Concordance

October 2003: Shift in consciousness: Staying Open In This Tumultuous World

September 2003: Echinachea

August 2003: Deer and Pennyroyal at Tree Frog Farm

July 2003: Mock Orange