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Mid-September 2020: School Stresses!

Mid-September 2020: Customer Appreciation – Take 2

Mid-August 2020: You are Sacred!

August 2020 – Opening Your Heart to the World

Mid-July 2020 – Personal to Cultural Transformation

July 2020: Emotional Freedom!

Mid-June 2020 – Heal Generational Trauma to Manifest Your Potential!

June 2020: Faery Recommended Flower Essences

Mid-May 2020: New! Set of 8 Chakra Blends, All Chakra Blends Sale

May 2020: Quiet Your Busy Mind

Mid-April 2020: Climate Crisis, Pandemic and Earthquakes Oh My!

April 2020 Newsletter: Happy 20th Flower Essence Anniversary!

Mid-March 2020: Anger to Action

March 2020 – Leap Into Life!

Mid-Feb 2020: Mystic Heart

Feb 2020: Heart-Centered Humanity

Mid­-January 2020: Changing Fear to Confidence

January 2020: Manifest Your Potential!

Get Ready for 2020!

Mid-December 2019: Holiday Specials – All Aromatherapy!

Dec 2019: Cyber Monday and Holiday Specials – All Aromatherapy Misters! All 1oz Essence Blends!

Mid-Nov 2019: Thank you Special – All 1oz Essence Blends! Yuletide Blessings!

New! Unified Spirit & Wholeness 15 Chakra Blend

Mid-Oct 2019: EMF Protection

October 2019: Grief & New Possibilities

Mid-September 2019: Emotional Mental & Boundary Help 😀

September 2019: Anxiety and Stress Relief!

Mid-August 2019: Manifesting Abundance!

August 2019: Live Higher Consciousness! 🌟

Mid-July 2019: Speak from Your Heart ❤️

July 2019: Emotional and Metabolic Help 😀

Mid-June 2019: Crown Chakra! The Seat to Enlightenment – Free Shipping Special Extended

June 2019: Who, Me Worry?😟

Mid-May 2019: Headaches!

May 2019: Gardening With Faeries

Mid-April 2019: Celebrating Earth Day!!

April 2019: Story of Tree Frog Farm

Mid-March 2019: Spring!!

March 2019: Mercury Retrograde and Polar Shifts!!💥💥

Mid-February 2019: Live with Heart ❤️❤️

February 2019: Accessing Confidence!

Mid-January 2019: Ground your Creative Mojo!

January 2019: Create for 2019!

Mid-December 2018: Peace in the Holidays

December 2018: Holiday Cheer! And Chakras!

Mid-Novemeber 2018: THANK YOU Shipping Special

November 2018: Third Eye Chakra Flower Essence Blend!!

Mid-October 2018: Falling into Grief

October 2018: Throat Chakra Flower Essence Blend!!

Mid-September 2018: Heart Chakra Flower Essence Blend!!

September 2018: Chakras During Uncertainty, Diana’s Story

Mid-August 2018: Autumn Is in The Air

August 2018: Heartapathic Life & Shipping Special

Mid-July 2018: Disarmor Your Heart

July 2018: Summer Heat, Be Cool!

Mid-June 2018: Relieve Summer Stress!

June 2018: Diana’s Story, How She Started Making Essences

Mid-May 2018: Manifest Your Sunny Will

May 2018: Upgrade Your Body!

Mid-April 2018: Resilience from the Heart

Spring Green Empowered Action

Mid-March 2018: Coming to Balance

March 2018: Season of Change

Mid-February 2018: Yellow Joy and Wonder

February 2018: Chakras!

Mid-January 2018: Embodied Confidence and Resilience

January 2018: Manifest Your Wildest Dreams!

Mid-December 2017: From Darkness Into Light

December 2017: Creating Sacred Holiday Space

Mid-November 2017: Thank you Shipping Special! Bath Salts and Yuletide Blessings!

November 2017: Passionate For Your Health

Mid-October 2017: Transform Your Self Image

October 2017: From Grief to Joyful Creativity

Mid-September 2017: Fires, Hurricanes and Earthquakes, Oh My!

September 2017: Calm and Grounded at School

Mid-August 2017: Season of Change

August 2017: Not Mercury Retrograde Yet?

Mid-July 2017: Summer of Compassionate Love

July 2017: 
Reducing Your Internal Heat

Mid-June 2017: Transforming Worry & Stress into Wisdom

June 2017: Wisdom of the Ancestors