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Tree Frog Farm

Yurt Photo, Tree Frog Farm

We are a micro eco-farm and a registered wildlife sanctuary located on Lummi Island, Washington, USA. Our philosophy is kinship with and respect for all life. Make an appointment to tour our gardens, have a flower essence consultation or take a class and relax in the serene woods. Find out how to register for classes, and see upcoming events we have happening here at Tree Frog Farm.

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  • Sat
    At Tree Frog Farm

    Prerequisite Level I Classes 1 & 2. Students will be introduced to a basic understanding of the Chinese Five-Element understanding of health through the Organ Energy Meridians and Systems and to the Seven Major Chakras. You will learn to determine if an Organ Energy Blend, Chakra Blend or individual essence will best work for your client. Students will experience how to integrate these additional essences into their existing or new healing practice. The class will include lecture, demonstrations and practicum.