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At Tree Frog Farm we make flower and tree essences from native plants, medicinal herbs and ornamental plants grown in our gardens.  We are located on Lummi Island, Washington, USA. Make an appointment to tour our gardens or take a class and relax in the serene woods. Find out information about classes and events happening at Tree Frog Farm.

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  • Fri

    Flower Essence Practitioner Training Course, 2016 Class 3

    10 a.m. to 5 p.m.Tree Frog Farm

    InsideYurt2 copyThis is the third class in a three-part series. Prerequisite Classes #1 and #2.

    The Tree Frog Farm Flower Essence Practitioner Training Course is taught by Diana Pepper, Co-owner of Tree Frog Farm, flower essence producer, lecturer and healer. This class is designed to deepen students understanding and experience of everything they have learned in classes #1 and #2 and will provide information about additional essences. Guest speaker, Luna Way, will cover the basics of Chinese 5 Element Theory, and Diana will relate that knowledge to Tree Frog Farm’s Organ Energy Meridian Blends. Students with a healing practice will experience how to integrate essences into their existing practice. Students new to healing will be empowered to create a flower essence practitioner practice.

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