FAQ about Tree Frog Farm Essences

What are flower essences?

Have you ever looked at a flower or tree and felt the magic of your connection with it? It’s as if the flower or tree exudes a Divine wisdom that touches us deeply. You might experience the connection as a magnetic draw, strong thought, mental image or a feeling. Flower essences are this unique vibrational pattern/Divine wisdom of each plant imprinted into water, which becomes a non-aromatic, high frequency electrical solution. Find an expanded definition on our What Are Flower Essences? page.

Do flower essences have a scent?

No. Flower Essences are a vibrational, non-aromatic solution. There are no molecules of the plant to create a scent in flower essences. Our aromatherapy misters and bath salts have essential oil blended into them, so they do have wonderful therapeutic scents.

How do I chose which essence is right for me?

We suggest using a method to choose flower essences that calls on your body wisdom. Remember: with flower essences, you are not trying to eliminate a symptom but are accessing the wisdom of the plant(s) to correct an underlying imbalance. Methods to access your body wisdom could include using kinesiology (muscle testing), a pendulum, intuition, a feeling, or sensing a magnetic sensation between your hand and a bottle. We suggest using one of these body wisdom methods in addition to reading the description. By working in this way, you not only rebalance yourself, you also get more information about what is creating the underlying imbalance. If you are not experienced in intuitive methods, you can scroll through the flower essences and other products to see if something attracts your attention. When you find a product, read the description, pause a moment and feel if it is what you need.

If you would like assistance choosing, email us at info@nulltreefrogfarm.com or call 360-758-7260.

How many drops/sprays should I take?

Generally, take 1 or 2 drops (not dropperfuls) or 1 spray of an essence or essence blend 2 or 3 times per day. If you know you are sensitive to essences or other energy modalities, you may want to start at a lower amount. Flower essences are most commonly taken orally, directly from the dropper, spray top or in drinking water. However, they can also be very effective when used on the skin, in bath water, or in a spray mist. Flower essences support our life, learning and healing processes and can be used with any healing modality for humans, animals, plants, land and the larger systems we call our environments.

How do I care for my essences?

Here are a few simple procedures for taking care of our essences.

1. If you touch the dropper in any way, run water over it for about 15 seconds then shake it off, before returning it to the bottle. Any contact whether its your mouth, hand or a table top will alter the vibrational purity of the essence.

2. Keep the essences sitting upright in the bottle out of direct light when not in use. This protects the vibrational quality and keeps the essence from taking on the taste of the rubber stopper.

3. Store the essences in a place that feels safe, respectful. This is pretty much common sense. Don’t store them where children can get into them. Essences won’t harm children; actually they are quite good for children when used properly. However, they are in glass bottles with glass droppers and are not a plaything. Store them in a respectful place, not in a junk room or overcrowded closet.

4. Also, store essences at a moderate temperature. If they get too hot or cold it will reduce their shelf life. Keep the bottles out of direct sunlight.

5. Squeeze the remaining contents of the dropper back into the bottle before putting the dropper back into the bottle. Essence caught in the dropper may lose its vibrational integrity.

6. If for any reason, you sense that the vibrational quality of an essence has been compromised, ask to speak with the Deva of Flower Essences and ask that your essence be restored to full potency. This is not a complicated procedure. Just ask and it is done.

Can I use essences on animals?

Yes. Flower essences are effective with pets and wild birds.  Tree Frog Farm Essences have been used with many kinds of animals – dogs, cats, horses, sheep, rabbits, etc. – with positive results. We use SOS Flower Remedy regularly with our high-strung dog.  When the occasional bird flies into one of our windows, we put a drop of SOS into a glass of water then put a few drops of the water onto its feathers. This greatly helps its recovery.

What is red shiso?

Red Shiso plant at Tree Frog FarmRed shiso base is a non-alcoholic alternative to brandy base.

Red shiso leaf (also known as beefsteak plant or perilla) is a burgundy colored herb that is known for its antimicrobial properties. We grow, harvest and dry the shiso on our farm. The dry leaves are made into a strong tea infusion. The tea is strained and a small amount of organic white grain vinegar is added which deepens the vibrant raspberry color of the leaf and further adds shelf stability.

As you might imagine, the shiso base tastes like tea with a touch of vinegar. The base is similar to the shiso pickling formula used in macrobiotic cooking. It creates the pink color in umeboshi pickled plums and in ginger that is served with sushi.

How do I know which preservative base is right for me?

Customers are reporting equally good results using our essences in either base. Some people can’t ingest vinegar, don’t like the taste or prefer brandy. Diana’s personal experience is that the shiso base matches the frequency of the flower essences better than the brandy.

How long will my essences last?

We give the shiso base a shelf life of two years. This was determined primarily by the stability of the base, not the vibrational quality. To put it another way, the vibrational aspect of the essence can last many years as long as the base is not compromised. When stored properly, brandy base will likely outlast the vibrational aspect. The opposite is true for the shiso base, which will likely particulate and lose much of its color after two years, while the vibrational aspect will remain strong. The vibrational quality will last depending on many variables (usually light, temperature, oxidation and exposure to electromagnetic fields).

Tip: if you store your shiso base in the refrigerator, you can extend the shelf life another two years. Bottom line: keep checking your essences for quality.

Is it OK to use several individual flower essences or essence blends together?

Individual essences can be grouped. It is best for most people to take only 2 or 3 together at a time. Pause a minute between each to allow your body/mind time to assimilate the energy of each essence.

Each blend has 20+ essences in them. You may work with 2 or 3 at a time. Examples: Take Large Intestine Organ Energy Meridian Essence Blend together with the Sacral Chakra Flower Essence Blend. Take Root Chakra, then Sacral, then Solar Plexus Chakra Blends. Please take each blend separately, at least 2 to 3 hours apart.

An individual flower essence can be taken along with a blend, but we suggest no more than 1 additional essence. Examples: Take Arnica Flower Essence with Root Chakra Blend. Take Oceanspray Flower Essence with Small Intestine Organ Blend or with Throat Chakra.

Is there a general guideline for how long to take an essence, or is it just until you feel the energy shift?

We suggest at least 1 bottle, sometimes it takes more. It depends on the person. You might feel an energy shift or not. You might notice behavior or attitude changes.

Does it matter if you take flower essences on a full or empty stomach?

No. Essences are vibrational. Even though they are taken orally, you do not ingest them. However, to keep the integrity of the vibrational pattern, don’t take them while you are eating.

What is the difference of making flower essences by the Pick method vs. the No-pick method?

Mandarin Lights Azalea with Mother Bottles

In The Pick method the flower is cut and placed on the water in the bowl so there is a physical connection that facilitates the imprint of the vibrational quality. In the No Pick method, there is no physical connection between the base and flower or tree. Instead there is a direct download of the essence vibrational quality which is imprinted into the carrier base – either brandy or our red shiso base – in the mother bottles. This method allows Diana to make flower essences using any flower or tree, including native orchids and lilies, without harming them.  The Pick method and No Pick method both use the sun to help download the specific vibrational quality of the flower essence into the water or carrier base.

For more information about how Tree Frog Farm Flower Essences are made, click here.


Why do you offer both a spray top and dropper top?

The shiso base with a spray top is more convenient to use and travel around, but the dosage is less exact. The dropper, however, is more precise in the amount of drops that one will take, but is less convenient to use out and about.

Does using crystals make this a gem essence?

Using crystals does have an impact on the flower or tree essence. But it does not become an essence of gemstones. The crystals ground how the flower or tree essence seats into the water in the bottles. There is not a separate influence of each crystal. The flower essence and influence of the crystals become one unit.

Are your essences safe to travel with and take on an airplane?

Yes, the essences travel quite well.  I’ve traveled with them several times. No problem taking them through the airport security scanning machines. Put into the quart size bag with your sundries in your carry-on bag or put them in your suitcase that goes into the luggage cargo hold. I think Tree Frog Farm essences are more stable than some because they are all charged with crystals. That seems to give them extra protection.

What is the most cost-effective international shipping?

First class international is the most cost-effective international shipping method. The price depends on the weight. Generally, it is about US$15 to US$30 depending on your country. Priority Mail International is also available. It is somewhat faster, but much more expensive. Our shopping cart will calculate either option for you. Free Shipping on orders over $50 is only available in the United States.