Flower Essence Consultations

Diana doing phone consultation with flower and tree essences in front of her.Diana Pepper offers phone and in person flower essence consultations. To make an appointment or for more information call (360) 758-7260 or email. To purchase an introductory flower essence consultation click here.


Diana is skilled in reading subtle energies through hearing your voice and sensing your energy fields. Working within a “multi-dimensional conference call” with healing Guides, Diana perceives below the level of the presenting symptoms to the level where spirit and matter meet. She receives information from your whole body/being and creates a personalized combination of essences–either a dosage bottle or individual flower essences–that will address your energetic imbalances. Diana may suggest energy work when appropriate.

After many years of working with her Guides, Diana now assists others to connect with their Guides. See below for more information.

She also reads and recommends flower essences for animals.

About Diana and Her Services

Diana laughing!After 25 years of life-healing experiences and trainings in vibrational healing methods, Diana became an interfaith minister and began to offer healing services. Through the use of various modalities – including flower essences – and Diana’s non-judgmental, caring presence, she has helped people learn to relax, treat themselves with compassion and respect, release both substance and emotional addictions, transform dis-ease into vibrant learning opportunities, engage in life more fully, and grow into their full spiritual/evolutionary potential.

Consultation Fees

  • Consultations usually last 45 minutes to 1 hour. This includes time to talk about what you want the essences to address, to choose your essences and prepare your personalized bottle with instructions, or to lay out use of individual essences.
  • First Time Consultation Introductory Offer for adults or teens ~ $95.00 plus S&H includes a custom 1 ounce bottle of flower & tree essences. ($109.00 value, save $14.00)
  • First Time Consultation Introductory Offer for children or pets ~ $85.00 plus S&H includes a custom 1/2 ounce bottle of flower & tree essences. ($99.00 value, save $14.00)
  • Consultations that take longer than 1 hour, add an additional charge of $1.00 per minute.

~ Consultations are also available on a sliding scale as needed. ~

Energy Healing Sessions

  • Energy Field and Chakra Clearings
  • Organ Energy Systems Balancing
  • Guided Imagery Energy Blockage Release
  • Power Animal Retrieval
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Cord Cutting
  • And more

Talking With Your Guides Sessions

Would you like to begin or enhance communication with your Guides and Spirit Helpers? Diana has been working closely with her Teams for over 15 years. She can assist you. Diana will:

  • Tell you the names of your current Guides
  • Give information to help you know when it is your Guides speaking vs. when it is your own thoughts
  • Make suggestions for strengthening your connection and communication with your Guides.

Contact Diana for a flower essence consultation, energy healing or talking with your Guides session.

Happy Customer Comments

“Diana’s gift and her healing work with me have acted as catalysts for positive energy to enter my life. The subtle, stabilizing energy field changes that I felt throughout the healing session have stayed with me throughout times of stress, doubt, and confusion. I was able to weather symptoms of resurfacing trauma and memories successfully, and I attribute this to Diana’s strengthening and healing of my chakra dynamics. Although I had previously tried acupuncture, Reiki treatments, and other alternative therapies, they seemed to soothe physical pain yet failed to cleanse emotional scars. After my session with Diana, I felt a lasting relief and a peaceful conclusion to several emotional challenges which seemed to be stuck within. I am incredibly grateful to Diana for all of her help, and I recommend her work to anyone who wishes to have a calming and positive healing experience.” — I.I., Utah

“I can’t explain how it works, but I can express my profound gratitude at having an ever-expanding view of myself and my possibilities. I have a life again! Thank you so very much.” — A.C., California

“I want let you know how our dog Sabrina is doing after you did her consult and sent us her flower essences. Because she lost her sight a year ago, you gave her essences to give her courage. She has more confidence now, especially around the other animals and isn’t as quick to go into ‘attack’ mode. So thank you!” — P.H., Bellingham, WA