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The essences of this set work together to help you confidently bring joy and gratitude into your life. They help strip away any barriers you may harbor that have been in the way of living confidently and graciously, and create appropriate boundaries from which to engage in daily life or new adventures with joy. Breathe in and fill your heart with love, encourage joy, gratitude, and confidence within yourself, and shift the way you interact with other people in your daily life. 





Paper Birch Tree Essence: Peel away old energetic layers to reveal your True Nature – Love and Joy. Let the fullness of sunshine radiate around you activating spontaneousde-lightt! Integrates emotional stability.


Thimbleberry Flower Essence: Cultivates engaging daily life with joy and gratitude without being attached to the circumstances or a specific outcome.


Golden Celebration Rose Flower Essence: Illumines a column of golden light through the center of your body, creating protection and joy from the inside out. Creates a safe place for the emotional heart to re-engage in life with enthusiasm. Now, Celebrate Life!


Hardy Fuchsia Flower Essence: Breathe in universal joy through your heart and breathe out your heartfelt joy. Reawakens “heartapathic” communication by realigning with the resonance of the heart’s electromagnetic field to transform heart experience imprints that no longer serve you. 


Coltsfoot Flower Essence: Encourages unbridled joy for new adventures and challenging situations with physical stamina and vitality. Access multidimensional guidance to focus this exuberant energy.


Crocosmia Flower Essence: Inspires playful confidence with yourself, and within social settings. Encourages you to playfully engage your emotional strength, power, and will to express yourself confidently with enthusiasm.





This set is sold in either our shiso base or in a brandy base. All box sets are with 1/2 Fl oz (15mL) bottles. 

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