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How White Yarrow Flower Essence Helps You:

Use White Yarrow Flower Essence when you want to resonate with the higher White Light frequencies and think and respond from that higher perspective.  When you feel weak around the edges and sense you need boundary and energetic protection.  Also helpful when you experience discomfort during the process of integrating higher dimensional energies due to dissonance from misaligned frequencies.
White Yarrow Flower Essence stems from the outflow of energy when there is a wound around the outer edges of your electromagnetic fields where they interface with every "thing" else. It then sets up a spherical field of white translucent protection at your boundaries. As the frequency of White Yarrow Flower Essence moves through the crown chakra, it gently wraps the energy circuits of your brain, starting with the neocortex, and then to the energy circuits of your central nervous system. These higher White Light frequencies affect the way you process information and think and respond to stimuli. White Yarrow Flower Essence assists you in accessing the highest multi-dimensional Feminine and Masculine creative White Light energy you are ready to integrate down to the cellular level. It moves you through the octaves within each dimension as it does so.

How White Yarrow Flower Essence Was Made:

This essence was made with the "no-pick" method of bringing the frequency of the plant spirit directly into the mother/storage bottles as they are sitting with the plant. During this process, crystals of Amber, Azeztulite, drusy quartz, Herkimer diamond, Himalayan quartz, Icosahedron cut quartz, Lemurian seed crystal, Jeffrey quartz, and Tibetan black quartz were placed among the plants with the storage (mother) bottles. The sun acts as a transformer to step down spiritual energies from higher dimensions. While the essence was being made, Amber acted as a lens to receive and focus sunlight for this purpose. It also aligns the subtle bodies with the physical bodies, transmutes negative energy into positive energy, and emits sunny and soothing energy that calms and enlivens the disposition. Azeztulitefacilitates connecting and resonating with the Nameless Light. From this connection, you will gain greater wisdom and understanding of who you truly are - a being of Light. Drusy quartz crystals help to energize and stabilize your subtle bodies. As a manifestation of solidified spiritual light, Herkimer Diamond takes you as far as you can go toward the highest octave of Spirit while staying in your physical body on Earth. It also enhances the properties of other stones. Himalayan quartz, double terminated, bridges gaps in the energy fields and reminds us that it is important for energy to flow in both directions. Icosahedron cut quartz has 20 (5X4) equilateral sides. It is a bridge between the 5th Dimension - the entry into the unified Spiritual realms - and the 4 cardinal directions (N, S, E, W) on Earth. Jeffrey Quartz provides strong amplification properties and long-distance healing abilities. Lemurian seed crystalembodies the soft loving energies of the angelic and cosmic realms. Tibetan black quartzresonates through the crown, 3rd eye, and heart chakras, helping you embody your Higher Self and communicate with the higher frequency planes of consciousness. It clears debris from your energy fields, creates a bubble of Light around your body, and moves energy blockages allowing for Light to bathe your body down to the cellular level. The actions of these crystals inform the way this flower essence seats in your body/mind.
While this essence was being made the sound of Spirit Song coming through Diana's voice was infused into the essence. The actions of the crystals and sounds inform the way this flower essence seats into your body/mind.

White Yarrow Flower Essence Summary:

White Yarrow(Achillea millefolium) – Gives you access to the highest frequency White Light that you are capable of integrating through the crown chakra into your brain and central nervous system. Clears your energy fields, creates White Light personal boundary protection, and brings Light down into the cellular level of your body.




As The Essence Says Of Itself:


I AM high resonance White Light for clear and healthy energy fields and body.


Herbal, Food & Wildlife Qualities:

Yarrow is native to much of western North America, including the Pacific Northwest. Varieties of yarrow also grow wild in Europe and Asia. Yarrow has been used for centuries by many different people as a cold and flu remedy. It also stops bleeding and heals wounds, both internally and externally. According to legend, Achilles used yarrow to heal wounds, which led to its botanical name, Achillea. In China, yarrow sticks were also used to divine answers through the I Ching.

Customer Reviews

White Yarrow

I gifted myself White Yarrow, for just as it wrote ‘…when you want to resonate with higher White Light frequencies…’ I was working so hard with other essences, this sounded like something pleasurably divine to do. It sat quietly on my shelf almost a week before it said it was time. One drop and I sat, hand directed out as if channelling Light itself with it. But it was the following day now when I popped into Home Depot. As I strode down an aisle to where I wanted to go, I suddenly experienced the White Yarrow in my field; this time both hands, in my inner mind, held instinctively outward as I went. The essence was everywhere in me; my force field was expanded – nothing could have touched me. I had not gone in thinking I needed to protect myself. I was thinking dishwashers! But my Body knew as did the White Yarrow. ‘It creates White Light personal boundary protection.’ In awe; and mindful to use when heading out into busy, public places. Kate from Canada

Kate Rogers :: 15 Dec 2021, 15:00

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