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How Fireweed Flower Essence Helps You:

Use Fireweed Essence when you are caught in the male power-over cultural paradigm. When you believe that you have to compete for power and the stronger, swifter, most aggressive and domineering will win. Empowering when you hold anger or fear around male authority figures. Great for recovering Catholics and others who have had their personal and spiritual power taken away by male religious figures. 
Fireweed essence focuses the process of the great shift that is bringing back the balance of the masculine and feminine again. It initiates shifting personally and collectively from a male dominant, power-over paradigm to a more feminine loving, joyful, nurturing, in-harmony-with-nature paradigm. It brings back the remembrance that each of us possesses divine power and assists you to step into your divinity.

Diana works with nature intelligences and with people of other dimensions while making essences. In the past Kwan Yin has assisted.  This time, the Sacred Feminine known as Mary Magdalene was with me while making the Fireweed Essence. She is said to have been a deeply spiritual woman and gifted healer who was Jesus’ closest disciple, perhaps even his wife, and wrote the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. After the crucifixion, Mary Magdalene was persecuted and driven off by Peter and Paul who wanted to take over Jesus’ movement to create a church. She left the area, traveling and teaching and may have gone as far Gaul. Even now there is a deep reverence in parts of France for Mary Magdalene. However, according to the Catholic Church and many protestant traditions, she was a prostitute who repented her sins after hearing Jesus's teaching. This interpretation was one of the ways the Church contributed to disempowerment of the Feminine both spiritually and in daily life.

The Fireweed Essence realigns you to your own Sacred Feminine and repairs any old traumas caused by the male dominant culture encouraged by the Church. It releases fear and anger from our collective DNA and encourages you to release any unresolved energy you hold around this. Fireweed Essence heals your heart chakra bringing forth prayers for those affected in the past, present and future. As Diana was told, “This is no namby-pamby essence. It is here to radically uplift the frequency of human consciousness.”

How Fireweed Flower Essence Was Made:

The Fireweed Flower Essence was made by the no-pick method of working directly with the plant spirit. While the essence was being made a matrix of amber, azeztulite, drusy quartz, icosahedron cut quartz, Jeffrey quartz, nirvana quartz, pink calcite (opaque), pink cobalto calcite (clear), rhodonite, rose quartz crystals were placed among the trees with the mother bottles. The sun acts as a transformer to step down spiritual energies from higher dimensions. While the essence was being made, Amber acted as a lens to receive and focus sunlight for this purpose. Azeztulite fills your energy bodies with the higher vibrational Light of the spiritual realms and allows you to become a beacon of this Light in the world. Drusy Quartz crystals help to energize and stabilize your subtle bodies.  Icosahedron cut quartz has 20 (5X4) equilateral sides. It is a bridge between the 5th Dimension - the entry into the unified Spiritual realms - and the 4 cardinal directions (N, S, E, W) on Earth. Jeffrey Quartz provides strong amplification properties and long-distance healing abilities. Nirvana Quartz teaches you that situations you experienced as stopping your growth were actually key in tempering your spirit. They helped your unique wisdom to be honed through life’s journey. Pink Calcite (opaque) assists you to gently release buried anger or grief - that may be covered over with intellectualism, cynicism or sarcasm - while supporting and uplifting your heart. Pink cobalto calcite embodies deeply compassionate, unconditional love and acceptance, while balancing your feeling-oriented and action-oriented aspects. Rhodonitecarries the qualities of love, compassion, and generosity. It supports you to recognize and clarify your gifts, and to use them for the highest good in service to others and our Mother Earth. Rose Quartz encourages gentleness, emotional healing, and uniting with the Divine; it shifts your body from a stress-based physiology to a higher frequency Love-based physiology. The actions of the crystals inform the way this flower essence seats into the body/mind.

Fireweed Flower Essence Summary:

Fireweed (Epilobium angustifolium) - A powerful transformer and healer! Initiates shifting personally and collectively from a male dominant, power over paradigm to a more feminine loving, joyful, nurturing, in-harmony-with-nature paradigm.

As The Essence Says Of Itself:

I AM loving joy of The Sacred Feminine in harmony with Nature.

Herbal, Food & Wildlife Qualities:

Fireweed is a natural Earth healer throughout Alaska, Canada, Northern United States. It colonizes disturbed sites that have been burnt, clearcut or where topsoil has been washed off creating a swath of bright pink when in flower. It is also found along railroads, road sides, river bars, mountain meadows. The flowers have four pink to purplish petals and four-lobed white stigma, creating what looks like a white cross in the center of the pink flower. The leaf character is distinctive. Unlike most leaves where the veins end at the edge of the leaves, the veins of fireweed leaves join together in loops before reaching the outer edge of the leaves. High in vitamins C and A, young shoots are a favorite food of many indigenous people, rural folks and back country hikers. Leaves, stems and flowers also have other food uses and the inside of stems can be made into a strong twine. Medicinally fireweed is widely known for its laxative and anti-inflammatory properties. Fireweed seed fluff was often used by indigenous peoples when weaving blankets and as a fire starter.

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