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The six essences in this set will assist you while you integrate the new higher frequencies into your body and brain. They will help you adjust to your current or newly developing sensitivities to your environment with ease. All the while keeping a peaceful and sunny disposition.

This set is an incredible ally while you integrate the 5D frequencies into your body, and work very well together during these rapidly changing times that we are living in. 




Saskatoon - Assists whole-brain functioning at the new higher frequencies by supporting wiring of new brain pathways. Stabilizes ability to think clearly, orient in space, unsettled emotions, and body metabolism. Facilitates being peacefully grounded in your body.

Blue Cohosh– Come to the quiet place of the mind in the Now. Observe thoughts, feelings, sounds, and other impressions that arise and gently pass through. Open your awareness and connect with higher spiritual energies.

Self Heal- Enhances downloading high-level spiritual frequencies while aligning all of the chakras. Increases your ability to integrate that strong communication into your physical body with ease. Facilitates grounding and moving into resonance with the Earth’s heartbeat. All of this enables your body/mind to function coherently.

Iris - Keeps the torus of electromagnetic energy around your body stable and connected with Earth and Spirit when you are in a disruptive environment, and channels that connect to the cellular level.

Chamomile (German) - Calms sensitivities, irritations, and “raw nerves” where the “emotional skin” interacts with the world around you. Supports easily digesting experiences so they can comfortably be incorporated into your new understanding of life. Cultivates peaceful ease with daily life. Calms the peripheral nervous system.

Mullein- Use the strength and constancy of the sun to access courage, joy, and internal peace, instead of suffering, during difficult times. Trust that even during the darkest night, the sun will rise again in the morning.


Available in our shiso base or in brandy. All box sets are made in 1/2 Fl oz (15mL) bottles w/ a dropper top.


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