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Subconscious patterns can get in the way of what we want to accomplish. Habitual behaviors that are self-defeating or overachieving, such as attitudes toward work or school, can stop a project or process before it starts. These patterns often play out in emotional states such as fear of failure, resentment of others’ success, repetitive toxic relationship situations, or constant worry about money matters. Underlying these subconscious patterns could be reactionary from trauma, including soul loss, which is vitally important to address to live your fullest potential in this lifetime.

These six essences are your allies while shifting old patterns holding you back from reaching new potential. Having the opportunity to learn from these profoundly transformative teaching moments can provide the key to unlocking new opportunities and assist in your expansion into a higher state of consciousness.




Yellow Day Lily Essence (Hemerocallis) - Assists you in correcting misalignments that lead to out-of-balance emotional states. It orients you to the para-sympathetic nervous system so you can be nourished and comforted by the sweetness of life. Relax into these feelings and sunny warmth. Let them nourish and soothe you!

Woodland Strawberry Essence (Fragaria vesca)- Surrender to life’s situations from an emotionally stable place of calm acceptance instead of worrying yourself to exhaustion and tears by wanting to create certainty in an uncertain world. Supports thinking clearly and feeling authentically.

Wild Ginger Essence (Asarum caudatum) - Transforms a whirl of chaotic emotions into engaging life from a calm and emotionally stable heart.

Burdock Essence(Arctium lappa) - Releases stuck, suppressed anger embedded deep in your body and energy fields from both present and past life experiences. Detoxifying.

Mock Orange Essence (Philadelphus lewisii) -Rhythmically releases emotional residue from your cells, then rewrites your cellular energetic patterning to align with new healthier emotional states.

Black Hellebore Essence(Helleborus niger) - Supports the preparation, process, and integration of soul retrieval for this lifetime, past lifetimes, and concurrent lifetimes on higher frequency dimensions. 



This set is sold in either our shiso base or brandy base. All box sets are with 1/2 Fl oz (15mL) bottles. 



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