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DuRen Energy Meridian Essence Blend


Product Information

The Du and Ren meridians are two of the eight Extraordinary Meridians (AKA Strange Meridians, Homeostatic Meridians, The Eight Psychic Channels). The Du meridian (AKA Governing Vessel) controls all of the yang meridians and is the reservoir of yang energy. The Ren (AKA Conception Vessel) monitors and directs the yin meridians and is the reservoir of yin energy. They supply and circulate chi in the body.

The Ren meridian starts between the anus and genitals and moves up the front centerline of the torso, neck and chin to just below the lower lip.
The Du meridian starts at the coccyx (tailbone) and moves up the centerline of the back following the spine, up the neck, over the center of the cranium and down the center of the forehead and nose to the upper lip.

To see diagrams of this meridian, press the “+ more images” link.


Use DuRen Energy Meridian (OEM) Essence Blend when you feel chronically exhausted or unstable to your core – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Symptoms of an unbalanced Ren meridian may include extreme anxiety, feeling shattered or broken; chronic bowel, digestion, lung or heart issues; uterine bleeding or infertility.

Symptoms of an unbalanced Du meridian may include core emotional and physical weakness, deep coldness, chronic urinary and reproductive issues, and survival orientation to life.


The Du Ren Blend instills core strength and stability. It works at the points on the Du and Ren meridians, including the chakras, to integrate high frequency energies into your body. When this process flows smoothly your body/mind/spirit connection stays within the balance of dynamic equilibrium.

A balanced Ren meridian enhances emotional, mental and spiritual stability, restores life force and vitality. It regulates the 3 spaces (burners) and related organs.

A balanced Du meridian enhances emotional, mental and physical strength to stand in your own power, and encourages you to have the “spine” to engage life from your authentic self.


Core strength, energy for life, the 3 spaces (burners) and all organs.

Du Ren Energy Meridian Blend contains the following flower & tree essences:

Note:  Each of these essences are grounded through crystals; Indian Pipe, Pathfinder, Saskatoon, Self Heal, Shore Pine Tree and Western Red Cedar Tree also have imprints of sound and/or eagle feather. Press the link to the individual essence page for more information.

Lungwort - Balance of the masculine and feminine energies from the universal to the personal level.

Self-Heal - Balances and aligns all of the chakras. Increases your ability to downloading high-level spiritual frequencies and integrate them into your physical body without feeling stressed. Facilitates grounding and moving into resonance with the Earth’s heartbeat.

Pathfinder - Correlates the link between the energy meridians of the Earth, the organ energy meridians of the human body, and the cosmic pathways of light and sound.

Outrageous Rose - Facilitates communication between the two brain hemispheres by working through the energy circuits that relate to the corpus callosum.

Saskatoon - Our brains are changing at an amazing pace. Assists whole brain functioning at the new higher frequencies instead of "brain shattering". Stabilizes ability to think and orient in space, unsettled emotions and body metabolism, and more.

Salal - Walk the beauty way. Enjoy and receive nourishment from the mundane tasks of daily life while keeping your attention on the larger picture of your spiritual process.

Nootka Wild Rose - Let Divine Love blossom in your life through aligning your heart with the World Heart and the Universal Heart.

Red Clover - Encourages peaceful ease while stepping into expanded states of consciousness and transforms lower frequency emotions in the way.

Douglas Fir Tree - Stand in your own power, solidly rooted in your legs. Ground your ideas and confidently step out with practical action.

Rattlesnake Plantain Orchid - Supports being totally comfortable and at home in your body through being grounded in Mother Earth.

Kinnikinnik - Encourages self-love and opens the back of the heart chakra.

Bloodroot - Nudges out genetic lineage patterns to make way for the light of new potential.

Goat's Beard - Supports being an openhearted, grounded and relaxed human animal easily handling the flow of daily happenings.

Chocolate Lily - Drink up Earth Light from the root of your spine and connect deeply with our Mother Earth. Loosens anger and structural tension in the pelvic/hip area.

Motherwort - Helps you remember that you are integral to the web of Life when you are caught in the illusion of separateness. Strengthens life force from the heart.

Comfrey - Aids in the healing of wounds so deep and traumatic that they affect your soul’s journey. Encourages feeling safe in your body with a courageous heart.

San Juan Mugwort - Supports experiencing how spiritual dimensions interface with 3D reality.

Iris - Helps you to feel the spirit in everything, even a location/place/land that has been severely compromised. Personally, it improves your overall health by connecting the torus of electromagnetic energy around your body with Spirit, the Earth and your cells.

Indian Pipe - Activates rising above grudges and conflicts. Encourages you to access forgiveness, embody the lessons and step away from the drama. This process engenders personal peace.

Devil's Club - Provides solace to those who are world-weary. Turns thorns into a healing balm and reconnects you to your spiritual roots.

Western Red Cedar Tree - Spiritual spine. Seeing through the veil of illusion with discernment.

Pearly Everlasting - Resonate with the Divine song of the Universe! Works through the outer boundary (9th layer) of your energy fields, your 3rd eye, crown and star chakras. Restores cellular memory of Divine Awareness and impulses release of anything in the way of this.

Moon Shadow Rose - Release shadows of your past. Be open to lessons that can be gleaned and move forward toward discovering your authentic Self.

Trillium - Integrates your personal energy into the matrix of the universal All-That-Is.

Shorepine Tree - By the authority of my Soul! Instills mental, emotional, and body confidence to integrate conscious awareness with all of your dimensional bodies. Healing past life experiences that keep you in fear of owning your Divine Authority.

Spotted Coral Root Orchid - Harness the fuel created by decomposing old emotional and energetic patterns to transform your moods and body chemistry to higher possibilities.

Cooley's Hedge Nettle - From a place of higher consciousness, sort your emotions and honor all parties in a dynamic as Spirit having a human experience. Initiates the endocrine glands coming into balance.

Energetically Charged in a Crystal Matrix of:

Drusy Quartz - Energizes and stabilizes your energy fields.

Hematite - Balances dualities and integrates the highest spiritual energies with your physical body so you can bring all experience into a cohesive whole. Assists you to ground your highest purpose into your daily life.

Lemurian Seed Crystal - Helps you to rise above perceived isolation and separation from Spirit while on the Earth plane and to connect with the Divine Feminine

Moonstone (White) - Instills calmness and awareness. It helps you to sort your emotions to see how they serve your higher purpose.

Stibnite - Helps you to assimilate high frequency energy into your body and complete your energy circuit with the Earth.

Sunstones – is a stone of personal power, freedom, and expanded consciousness. It warms and stimulates the emotional body, and transforms anger and judgment into joy by raising your vibrational frequency.

Energetically Charged Through Sound of:

Brass Du Ren Bowl – Sounded over each batch of Du Ren Blend as it is charging within the crystal grid.

Click here to watch a short video of the Du Ren blend in a crystal matrix, with Diana toning the Du Ren brass bowl.


Spray top: 1 or 2 sprays orally 2 or 3 times per day.
Dropper top: 2 or 3 drops 2 or 3 times per day.

DuRen Energy Meridian Essence Blend can be used by people who are sensitive to scents because it is made without essential oils.
Click here for more information on the red shiso and vinegar preservative base.

DuRen Energy Meridian Blend (30 ml/ 1 ounce bottle):

Product Code: DUR110


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