Welcome to Tree Frog Farm Flower Essences & Aromatherapy on Lummi Island!

Flower Essence Tip of the Week

fire monkeyThis week we mark the beginning of the fire monkey year in the Chinese zodiac. According to astrologers, this year has potential for rapid growth and change and we may see things emerge that have been in the works over the past couple of years. However, be aware that we are dealing with unpredictable and erratic fire energy here. This means that practicing discernment about what to pursue is going to be critical to making the most out of the energy of this year. Our Small Intestine Organ Energy Meridian Blend supports this by helping you sort your emotions and ideas to help you make clear choices. Red Huckleberry Flower Essence is another wonderful ally which can help you to understand the multidimensional and daily-life-on-Earth aspects of making plans, creating tasks and putting them into action – keeping you open to big possibilities, but also grounded in the here and now. It also engenders patience during this process, which is a nice counterpoint to the ambitious energy of this year. Finally, our Spleen Organ Energy Meridian Blend can help you make sure you really remain grounded in your body with the will and motivation to implement the inspiration that the fire monkey may bring you.


New! Flower Essence Practitioner Course!

Tree Frog Farm is proud to present our first Flower Essence Practitioner Training Course taught by Diana Pepper, Co-owner of Tree Frog Farm, flower essence producer, lecturer and healer. Each class will be interactive hands-on, as well as lecture. The course is designed to train students to confidently select essences and prepare combination bottles for clients. Students with a healing practice will experience how to integrate essences into their existing practice. Students new to healing will be empowered to create a flower essence practitioner practice.

This 3-part class series will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday April 8-10, July 22-24 and October 7-9, from 10am to 5pm with an hour break for lunch, for a total of 54 class hours. A Flower Essence Practitioner Certificate will be awarded to students at the completion of the 3 classes. The course tuition will also include 48 flower essences and sample dosage bottles for creating your own custom blends.

About Us

Diana Pepper and John Robinson established Tree Frog Farm in 2000. It grew out of our love for this magical land. We handcraft local flower essences and tree essences, most of which are made with native plants of the Pacific Northwest. Our flower essence blends are made in small batches and charged in a crystal matrix. We also make flower essence and aromatherapy misters. Diana prepares custom blends of flower essences and offers energy healing sessions by phone or in person.

We work in partnership with the Fairies and other Nature Beings of this land. Our philosophy is kinship with and respect for all Life. Tree Frog Farm is designated as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat. The abundance of native habitat at Tree Frog Farm provides shelter and food for many native birds and other critters year ‘round. Over 20 species of birds nest on our land during spring and early summer. For more information please see the photo links below or the navigation links at the top of the page.

Thanks for your interest in Tree Frog Farm!

Diana and John