Welcome to Tree Frog Farm Flower Essences & Aromatherapy on Lummi Island!

Flower Essence Tip of the Week

chocolate_lilyFlower Essence making continues at Tree Frog Farm and we are pleased to announce that Chocolate Lily was remade last week. Please note that our website description has not been revised, however the essence brings all of the same qualities updated for the new energetics we are experiencing in 2016. Chocolate Lily Flower Essence works through the Earth chakra and Root chakra to bring Earth energies up into the base of the spine. By aligning the lower spine and balancing the Earth and Root chakras, this essence addresses symptoms like feeling untethered and disconnected from Earth, feeling disconnected from your body, difficulty with daily tasks, feeling unsafe and insecure within yourself and with other people, lack of or rigid boundaries, financial security issues – lack of or greedy. Affects misalignment in the lower spine and hips that holds old anger or structural tension. 

About Us

Diana Pepper and John Robinson established Tree Frog Farm in 2000. It grew out of our love for this magical land. We handcraft local flower essences and tree essences, most of which are made with native plants of the Pacific Northwest. Our flower essence blends are made in small batches and charged in a crystal matrix. We also make flower essence and aromatherapy misters. Diana prepares custom blends of flower essences and offers energy healing sessions by phone or in person.

We work in partnership with the Fairies and other Nature Beings of this land. Our philosophy is kinship with and respect for all Life. Tree Frog Farm is designated as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat. The abundance of native habitat at Tree Frog Farm provides shelter and food for many native birds and other critters year ‘round. Over 20 species of birds nest on our land during spring and early summer. For more information please see the photo links below or the navigation links at the top of the page.

Thanks for your interest in Tree Frog Farm!

Diana and John