What Are Flower Essences?

Have you ever looked at a flower or tree and felt the magic of your connection with it? You might experience the connection as a magnetic draw, strong thought, mental image, or a feeling. It’s as if the flower or tree exudes a pearl of Divine wisdom that touches us deeply. Flower essences capture a plant’s unique vibrational pattern. The Divine wisdom of each plant is imprinted into the water, which becomes a non-aromatic, high-frequency electrical solution.

Goats Beard flower

Here Is An Analogy:

Think of a building.  Anything of the plant kingdom is like a building.  That includes things like vegetables, fruits, teas, tinctures, essential oils, infused oils, and salves. These have taste, color, and texture from the molecules of the plant, and are generally ingested or used topically. Homeopathic remedies are like one grain of sand in the cornerstone brick of the building that is a hologram for the whole building.  They start as a tincture that is diluted way, way down to the point that no molecules are left, only the vibrational imprint.  Homeopathic remedies are generally taken sublingually (under the tongue) in a sugar tablet or a liquid form and work vibrationally at the cellular level.

By comparison, flower essences are like the concept/idea/intention in the mind of the architect before the blueprint is drawn for the building. They start as vibration and work at the vibrational level then they go to other levels of emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual imbalances, each according to its unique specialty. 

Now, imagine walking into your house and flipping on the light switch, but the light doesn’t come on. You know the light bulb and switch are good, so that means there is a problem with the wiring or circuitry. In like fashion, people – and animals – are complex electrical/vibrational beings. We have electromagnetic circuits within and surrounding our bodies that couple with our nervous, circulatory, and organ systems, subtle bodies, and chakras. When the circuits in our bodies are stressed from the learning opportunities of our daily life, they sometimes overload or short-circuit. This flow can become diminished like a rheostat that has been turned down. The places where the electrical flow has been broken become cut off from the life force energy needed to maintain physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance, often leading to dis-ease. When flower essences are used, they reconnect the broken circuits or turn up the rheostat.

Woman Taking Essences

How To Take Flower Essences

Flower Essences are taken orally, putting a few drops directly on the tongue, or in a glass of drinking water. Careful to not touch the dropper to your tongue or any other surface. If this happens though, you can simply run the dropper under fresh water to clear it before placing it back into the bottle. They can also be used topically directly on the skin or added to bathwater. If you have a spray top bottle, you can spray it into the air around your body or a room. Flower Essences help to restore health and balance by addressing the causes beneath the symptoms, in a non-invasive, subtle, yet powerful way.