Taking Care of Flower Essences

A How To Guide From Tree Frog Farm

Here Are a Few Simple Procedures for Taking Care of Our Essences

  • If you touch the dropper in any way, run water over it for about 15 seconds then shake it off, before returning it to the bottle. Any contact whether it’s your mouth, hand, or a tabletop will alter the vibrational purity of the essence.

  • Keep the essences sitting upright in the bottle out of direct light when not in use. This protects the vibrational quality and keeps the essence from taking on the taste of the rubber stopper.

  • Store the essences in a place that feels safe and respectful. This is pretty much common sense. Don’t store them where children can get into them. Essences won’t harm children; actually, they are quite good for children when used properly. However, they are in glass bottles with glass droppers and are not a plaything. Store them in a respectful place, not in a junk room or overcrowded closet.

  • Store essences at a moderate temperature. If they get too hot or cold it will reduce their shelf life. Keep the bottles out of direct sunlight.

  • Squeeze the remaining contents of the dropper back into the bottle before putting the dropper back into the bottle. Essence caught in the dropper may lose some vibrational integrity.

  • If for any reason, you sense that the vibrational quality of your essence has been compromised, ask to speak with the Deva of Flower Essences and ask that your essence be restored to full potency. This is not a complicated procedure. Just ask and it is done.