Comparing Tree Frog Farm Essences With Bach Flower Essences

How Tree Frog Farm Flower Essences are different than Bach Flower Essences

Tree Frog Farm Essences

Tree Frog Farm Essences work through the energetics of the electrical fields and circuits that are out of balance below the presenting symptoms and below any personality type. Bach Flower Remedies are based on common symptoms/imbalances of personality types.

Tree Frog Farm Essences are available in either an herbal/vinegar base using red shiso for people who prefer not to have alcohol, or a brandy base for people who cannot have vinegar or prefer brandy. Bach Flower Essences are available only in a brandy base.

According to Diana’s research, currently each Bach Flower Essence is a homeopathic dilution of an infusion (tea) made by placing the plant’s flowers in water. Tree Frog Farm Essences are made by working directly with the Plant Spirit while the plant is in full bloom, and Healing Guides. It is a vibrational process from start to finish. See our About Tree Frog Farm Essences page for more on this process.

Bach Flower Essences were developed by Dr. Bach in the 1930’s and are still being used today. However, our culture and our work environments have changed substantially. The pace of life is much faster. We experience different stresses, more electromagnetic influences and disruptions, more pollution and dis-ease. Along with these challenges, many of us are vibrating at a higher frequency. Tree Frog Farm Essences address what is happening for people now. New essences come through every year for this purpose.

Bach Flower Essences are still the best choice for some people. However, some customers have said that the Bach Essences don’t work for them any more, while Tree Frog Farm Essences do. Below are suggestions of Tree Frog Farm Essences to substitute for some of the Bach Flower Essences.


Bach Essence Tree Frog Farm Essence
Rescue Remedy SOS Remedy Blend
Beech Indian Pipe Flower Essence
Centaury Trailing Blackberry Flower Essence
Cerato Black Gooseberry Flower Essence
Chestnut Bud Moon Shadow Rose Flower Essence
Clematis Calm Centered Clear Essence Blend
Elm Earth Wisdom Essence Blend
Honeysuckle Meadow Rue Flower Essence
Hornbeam Calm Centered Clear Essence Blend
Larch Crocosmia Flower Essence
Mimulus Red-flowering Currant Essence
Olive Rosemary Flower Essence
Pine Vine Maple Tree Essence
Red Chestnut No Worry Be Happy Essence Blend
Star of Bethlehem SOS Flower Remedy
Walnut Transform Ease Essence Blend
White Chestnut Woodland Strawberry Flower Essence
Wild Oat Manifest Essence Blend
Willow Vine Maple Tree Essence