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April 2018 – Comparing Flower Essences and Herbs

Friends and Allies

By Diana Pepper

Have you ever looked at a flower or tree and felt the magic of your connection with it? It’s as if flowers and trees exude a Divine wisdom that touches us deeply. You might experience the connection as a magnetic draw, strong thought, mental image or a feeling. A flower essence is this unique vibrational pattern of Divine wisdom from a specific plant imprinted into water using sunlight, and sometimes crystals. Flower Essences are a non-aromatic; high frequency electrical solution which helps to restore health and balance by addressing the causes beneath the symptoms, in a non-invasive, subtle, yet powerful way.

In this article I will speak from my personal experience from making and using the essences, and will give references for herbal information. I’d like to now highlight and compare three medicinal herbs with their flower essence properties.

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

Herbal Properties:

Dandelion grows just about everywhere in the world. Even though many people regard Dandelion as a weed, it is one of the most valuable medicinal herbs. Dandelion root is a very effective detoxifying herb. It works primarily in the liver and gallbladder to remove wastes from infection or pollution, that can become toxic if they build-up, and stimulates the kidneys to eliminate the waste. Benefits of cleansing the liver and gallbladder include preventing or eliminating gallstones, reducing allergic reactions, resolving conditions of the large intestine – such as constipation, conditions of the skin – such as acne, eczema and psoriasis, and inflammatory conditions – such as arthritis. Dandelion’s diuretic effect can also help to eliminate fluid retention and reduce blood pressure.[i] In spring the flower can be made into Dandelion wine and the greens can be eaten fresh in a salad or cooked. They are rich in vitamins A, B2, C, E, and minerals of boron, calcium, iron (leaf & root), magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and potassium. Dandelion’s combination of being a liver tonic and rich in phytohormones makes it a wonderful herbal tonic for menopausal symptoms like hot flashes.[ii]

Flower Essence Properties:

Dandelion flower attunes you to the essence of the sun to upgrade the quality of how you live. This increases the frequency of the many functions performed by the liver and gallbladder. It promotes a deep cleansing of toxic imprints on the physical, emotional and mental levels. These can include releasing addictive behaviors and being able to thinks through plans and take actions. The imprints may be genetic, from present or past life experience, or from environmental toxins. The Dandelion Flower Essence is a key ingredient in our Liver and Gallbladder Organ Energy Meridian Blends.

For Dandelion the cleansing and detoxifying property of the herb and the flower essence are very similar. By working through energetic circuitry, the essence also influences mental, emotional and behavioral issues.

Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna & Crataegus douglasii)

Herbal Properties:

The European Hawthorn and the Pacific Northwest Black Hawthorn Tree have similar herbal properties. A tea or tincture of the berries of both is used for a heart tonic and to treat high blood pressure.[iii] Richo Cech says that European Hawthorn can be used effectively after heart surgery or heart attack.[iv] The flowers of European Hawthorn stimulate circulation while the bark of the Pacific Northwest Hawthorn Tree has been traditionally used to treat diarrhea.[v] Susan Weed recommends Hawthorn, and other herbs in the rose family, to ease headaches, relieve dizziness, nourish the nerves and heart, strengthen bones, and moderate mood and hormone swings during the transition into menopause.[vi]

Flower Essence Properties:

Hawthorn Tree Essence was the last essence needed to complete our Pericardium Heart Organ Energy Meridian Blend. I made it the spring of 2010 at a native Hawthorn Tree here on Lummi Island. It speaks to the creative potential of the heart. Hawthorn Tree Essence calls you to own your emotional strength to create. It invites you to shapeshift your creative process with clear, intense conviction by raising your frequency to transform anger and frustration into compassionate creative action. Hawthorn Tree Essence reminds you that each experience is a growth opportunity, a way to hone your spirit and wisdom. Whether you are working on an art, business or garden project, or want to recreate your life, Hawthorn Flower Essence is a wonderful ally.

For Hawthorn, the flower essence works through the energetic circuitry to influence emotional, attitudinal and behavioral heart issues, while the herb works with the physical heart. It is possible that physical heart problems may start for some people who have been unable to fully engage life from their emotional heart.

Devil’s Club (Opolpanax horridus)

Herbal Properties:

Devil’s Club, related to Ginseng, is one of the most important medicinal plants and a strong ceremonial ally for Pacific Northwest Indigenous Peoples. This plant is considered by many tribes to be a protection against evil influences probably due to the long, very sharp thorns that cover the stems and the ridges on the top, bottom and edges of the huge leaves. Shamans, initiates, and others wishing to attain spiritual powers made a tea of the Devil’s Club inner bark to drink or use as a purification bath, and some made protective face paint or amulets with it.[vii] [viii] [ix]

Medicinally, Devil’s Club has been used by virtually every tribe in the Canadian, US Pacific Northwest and Alaska to treat rheumatism, arthritis, stomach and digestive ailments, tuberculosis, colds, cancer, skin disorders, diabetes, and many other ailments. Now, native and non-native people drink tea made from the inner bark or root of Devil’s Club primarily for diabetes. [x] [xi] [xii]

Flower Essence Properties:

Devil’s Club Flower Essence lifts the weight of the world off of your shoulders and comforts your weary soul. It helps you to separate from the thorns of life and nurture yourself, while reconnecting to your spiritual roots. Even though Devil’s Club is a power plant and healer for Native Americans, the signature applies to all humans. When you find peace and connection to Spirit within yourself, you can heal deep emotional wounds and reconnect to your inspiration and joy.

It has been amazing to me to see how often the Devil’s Club Flower Essence will want to work with a client who has blood sugar or respiratory issues, or who has lost their spiritual compass. Perhaps world-weariness underlies many cases of diabetes, respiratory problems and other issues. Devil’s Club Flower Essence is in our Earth Wisdom Essence Blend and in several Organ Energy Meridian Blends including Lung, Spleen and Stomach.


My experience has been that flower essences and herbs work well together. Herbs support primarily physical healing while flower essences support primarily energetic, emotional and psychological healing that can, in turn, support physical healing. An example of how herbs and flower essences can be allies would be to complement the herbs used for a liver cleanse for your self, your client or patient with the Dandelion Flower Essence or the Liver Organ Energy Meridian Blend. Please let me know if you have questions or would like more information. My contact information is included in my bio.

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“This article was originally published in the April 2018 issue of AromaCulture Magazine ( and has been adapted for use here with permission from the publisher.”

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