When Are Flower Essences Helpful?

Tree Frog
Flower essences are helpful whenever you feel physical, emotional, spiritual, or mentally out of balance. This could be when you slam your finger in the door, feel like you are getting a cold, or have a major illness. It could be when an emotion has you in its grip and you can’t break loose; when you can’t stop thinking the same self-critical thought; or when you find it challenging to be present and embodied here on Earth. Flower essences keep you balanced and moving forward during times of transition such as job changes, a new relationship, or the passing of a loved one.

Flower essences help you to lovingly experience these imbalances as illusions of self and begin to transform them into patterns of thinking, feeling, and behavior that is in harmony with your soul’s evolution. They lovingly support you to see the events of your life as learning opportunities along the way.

Flower essences are also effective with pets and wild birds.  Tree Frog Farm Essences have been used with many kinds of animals – dogs, cats, horses, sheep, rabbits, etc. – with positive results. We use SOS Flower Remedy regularly with our high-strung dog.  When the occasional bird flies into one of our windows, we put a drop of SOS into a glass of water then put a few drops of the water onto its feathers. This greatly helps its recovery.

Please listen to your inner guidance when making any health care choices for yourself and your family. Flower essences treat the whole person and can be used to support the healing of specific symptoms. However, flower essences and any other products offered by Tree Frog Farm are not a substitute for necessary medical care. Seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional for all medical problems.