How Are Flower Essences Used?

Flower Essences and Tree Essences can be used during massageGenerally, take 1 or 2 drops (not dropperfuls) of an essence 2 or 3 times per day. If you know you are sensitive to essences or other energy modalities, you may want to start at a lower amount. Flower essences are most commonly taken orally from the dropper or in drinking water. However, they can also be very effective when used on the skin, in bath water, or in a spray mist.Flower essences support our life, learning and healing processes and can be used with any healing modality for humans, animals, plants, land and the larger systems we call our environments.

How To Choose Flower Essences

Flower essences and tree essences can be chosen using kinesiology.We suggest using a method to choose flower essences that calls on your body wisdom, rather than trying to think it through or go only by the description. Remember: with flower essences, you are not trying to eliminate a symptom but are reconnecting a “blown circuit” caused by an underlying imbalance. Methods to access your body wisdom could include using kinesiology (muscle testing), a pendulum, intuition, a feeling, or sensing a magnetic sensation between your hand and a bottle. We suggest using one of these body wisdom methods in addition to reading the description. By working in this way, you not only rebalance yourself, you also get more information about what is creating the underlying imbalance.

If you are not experienced in any of the above methods and would like help choosing essences for yourself, speak with Diana to schedule a consultation.  If you would like to learn these methods, click here for a schedule of our upcoming classes and events.