April 2007: Spring Detox: Dandelion

California PoppyThe dandelions are starting to bloom. I have a mixed relationship with dandelion. I love to see the bright yellow flowers and I love to eat the greens and dry the roots for tea, but I don’t want them growing all over my garden. So I harvest some and leave some, a win-win situation. I’ve been enjoying steamed or sautéed tender dandelion greens and young stinging nettles.  Both are rich in minerals and vitamins.

Spring Detox: Dandelion

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) grows just about everywhere in the world and is considered a weedy pest by many people. However, it is one of the best multiuse herbs. Dandelion root is a very effective detoxifying herb.  It works primarily in the liver and gallbladder to remove wastes from infection or pollution, that can become toxic if they build-up, and stimulates the kidneys to eliminate the waste. Clearing the liver and gallbladder can also benefit conditions of the large intestine – such as constipation, conditions of the skin – such as acne, eczema and psoriasis, and inflammatory conditions – such as arthritis. Clearing the gallbladder can also help to prevent or eliminate gallstones. Dandelion’s diuretic effect can also help to eliminate fluid retention and reduce blood pressure.

On the flower essence level, dandelion brings “sunlight” to the dark, dense or “wooden” cells of the liver and gallbladder. It works on the energetic level to clear toxic emotional imprints like old anger and rage that is turned outward towards others or inward towards yourself, mental imprints like difficulty planning, organizing and putting into action what you want in your life, and physical imprints that contribute to liver and gallbladder diseases.  The imprints may be genetic, from life present or past life experience, or from environmental toxins. Dandelion Flower Essence can assist with clearing the energetic patterns of addictive behaviors such as alcoholism and chemical sensitivities that have become imbedded in the liver and gallbladder.  Supporting the energetic liver and gallbladder systems can also strengthen digestive and hormonal processes.  Dandelion, Skunk Cabbage and Stinging Nettle Flower Essences could be used together to support an herbal cleanse or deal with allergic reactions.

This spring, may you enjoy the beauty of the dandelion flowers, and the wealth of herbal and flower essence properties of this wonderful weed!

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