August 2008: Be Here Embodied and Heartfelt

SkullcapWe are going on quite a roller coaster ride this month! There will be two new moons and two eclipses. The first solar eclipse on the new moon is happening now as I write, August 1st. A partial lunar eclipse is happening on the full moon August 16th. And the second new moon is happening on August 30th. We are in the fire sign of Leo and many planets are also in fire signs. Fire is the element of passionate emotions and joyful celebration of life. Personally, it is a time to let go of illusions that no longer serve you and to focus on stepping up to your heart’s desire for your life. Nationally and globally, we are in a zone for creating peace on Earth in the midst of financial upheaval and cultural change. This month you might feel disoriented, perhaps even shocky, in light of how much change is going on so fast. With all of the turmoil and rapid transition during this major transformational time, some of you may have a challenging time staying in your bodies and dealing with deep emotions. Eclipses magnify this.

Be Here Embodied and Heartfelt: Skullcap

Enter Skullcap. Skullcap herb is native to North America and thrives in damp conditions with lots of sun, such as riverbanks. It has small blue flowers that grow only on one side of the stem. Skullcap herb is a very powerful nerve tonic, restorative, anti-inflammatory and sedative. It supports and nourishes the nervous system, and helps to calm stress and anxiety especially where there is muscle tension. It relieves stress headaches and induces sleep.

On the flower essence level, skullcap can address the feelings of being outside of yourself, beside yourself, vacant or not all here that can accompany extreme stress, shock or trauma. It strengthens the tether between the body and soul. It helps your soul to be fully embodied and remain fully embodied during this lifetime. If you choose to journey out of body, skullcap is an ally to keep the soul firmly tethered to the physical body.

As Skullcap Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM strongly tethered spirit/soul, fully integrated with the physical body.

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