August 2011: Riding the Frequency Change Waves

August Set of 6 – Riding the Frequency Change Waves

This month we are offering a power packed group of 6 essences for these rapidly changing times. We are keeping this newsletter short and simple. These six essences will assist you to integrate the new higher frequencies into your body and brain. They will help you adjust to your current or newly developing sensitivities to your environment with ease. All the while keeping a peaceful and sunny disposition. Enjoy!

This is a mix and match set. Choose any or all of the essences. They are all on special this month.

SaskatoonSaskatoon (Remake 5/19/11) – Our brains are changing at an amazing pace. Assists whole brain functioning at the new higher frequencies instead of “brain shattering”. Stabilizes ability to think and orient in space, unsettled emotions and body metabolism, and more. Gemstones: Amber, Blue Apetite, Drusy Quartz, Fluorite, Icoshedron, Lepidolite, Purple Quartz, Red & White Stilbite, Sugalite, Tibetan Black Quartz.

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Blue CohoshBlue Cohosh (New 4/22/11) – Come to the quiet place of mind. Observe thoughts, feelings, sounds and other impressions arise and gently pass through. Open your awareness and connect with high spiritual energies. Gemstones: Amber, Amethyst, Azeztulite, Drusy Quartz, Himalayan Quartz, Icoshedron Quartz, Labradorite, Lepidolite, Purple Quartz, Tibetan Black Quartz.

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Self-HealSelf-Heal (Remake 7/19/11) – Enhances downloading high-level spiritual frequencies through all of the chakras. Increases your ability to integrate that strong communication into your physical body without feeling stressed, while balancing and aligning all of the chakras. Facilitates grounding and moving into resonance with the Earth’s heartbeat. Gemstones: Amber, Azeztulite, Blue Agonite, Danburite, Drusy Quartz, Icoshedron, Light Smokey Quartz with Chorite inclusions, Moldavite.

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IrisIris (New 6/2/11) – Helps you to feel the spirit in everything, even a location/place/land that has been severely compromised. Personally it connects the torus of electromagnetic energy around your body with Earth and Spirit, even if your connection has been severely compromised, and channels that connection to the cellular level. Doing so improves your overall health. Gemstones: Amber, Azeztulite, Drusy Quartz, Fluorite, Golden Topaz, Himalayan Quartz, Icoshedron Quartz, Jeffrey Quartz, Lemurian Seed Crystal, Stibnite, Sunstone.

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Chamomile (German)Chamomile, German (Remake 7/11/11) – Calms sensitivities, irritations and “raw nerves” where the “emotional skin” interacts with the world around you. Supports easily digesting experiences so they can comfortably be incorporated into your new understanding of life. Cultivates peaceful ease and connects you with The-Divine-In-All. Calms the peripheral nervous system. Gemstones: Amber, Aquamarine, Blue Apatite, Blue Kyanite, Blue Quartz, Drusy Quartz, Green Aventurine, Icoshedron Quartz.

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MulleinMullein (Remake 7/18/11) – Use the strength and constancy of the sun to access tenderness and courage, instead of suffering, during difficult times. Trust that even during the darkest night, the sun will rise again in the morning. Gemstones: Amber, Citrine & Amethyst Spirit Quartz, Danburite, Drusy Quartz, Heulandite, Icoshedron, Ocean Jasper, Prehnite, Rhodocrosite.

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