August 2022: End of Summer Update

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick update since it has been quiet for most of this month from us here at Tree Frog Farm. Not to worry – we are great and enjoying the last days of summer here on Lummi Island. You may have noticed that we haven’t sent out an email to our subscribers for Mid-August specials. It’s been quite busy for us (which is wonderful!!) but we scaled back on our posts for the last few weeks of summer, and took a short hiatus from doing Flash Sales. Rest assured we will be having more of those in the near future and more boxed sets too! We picked some products to post on special, and more to come – so check back soon for updated specials!

We’ll be back in the swing of things this fall, so if you are a subscriber check your inbox for our emails in your inbox. We have a Customer Appreciation Sale coming up that you don’t want to miss! 😉 If you subscribe to our emails from our Flash Sale emails will resume again soon.

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With Love and Light,
Rhaychell and Stu

Gentle Hearts Aromatherapy and Essence Mister

Gentle Hearts Aroma Mister

Gentle Heart Mister has a wonderfully soft, lemony, rose geranium scent. Perfect for personal, family, and ceremonial use or romantic occasions.

* It gently balances, strengthens, and opens your heart. Gives a gentle lift to your mood and spirit.

* Encourages you to engage life from your heart. Helps to release emotional heart wounds.

* Align your heart with the Spiritual Heart of the Universe. Opens and connects your heart chakra with the collective heart consciousness of all living Beings.

* Encourages you to express caring love for yourself and others.

* Supportive after the loss of a loved one. Comforting during times of grief and heartache.

For more information about our Gentle Hearts Mister click HERE or the picture.

Beauty Way Life Process Essence Blend

Beauty Way Essence Blend

Beauty Way Flower Essence Blend helps you to slow down, feel yourself, see the beauty in your surroundings, and remember that the energy with which you do a task is even more important than the task itself. Cultivates remembering that your higher wisdom is more easily accessed when you quiet the mind.

Beauty Way is the yin to Earth Wisdom Essence Blend’s yang. Beauty Way is about the more feminine qualities of being internal, reflective, receptive, and heartfelt in contrast to the more masculine qualities of being external, results-oriented, protective, and powerful. And yet there is strength in the Beauty Way path. It is the strength that rises from Mother Earth herself. Beauty Way Essence Blend is a gentle, yet strong ally encouraging you to integrate the more compassionate qualities and strengths into your daily actions. An example is White Buffalo Woman who gave the sacred pipe to the Lakota people. She embodied Light, power, and respect for Earth and all of her children.

For more information about Beauty Way Essence Blend click HERE or the picture.

Root Chakra Flower Essence Blend

Root Chakra Essence Blend
Survival, being grounded, and unity within the family, tribe, group, and collective consciousness are the main themes of the Root Chakra.

Symptoms of a blocked or sluggish Root Chakra include: shock, fear for physical safety, and the fight/flight/freeze response leading to panic. A person with a sluggish Root Chakra is concerned primarily with their family, tribe, or group to the exclusion of others. Such a singular dependence on being accepted by the group can lead to fear of being ostracized. Another symptom of the Root Chakra is living in the past with an inability to release memories, including debilitating memories of birth, early childhood, or other life traumas. Fear of lack fuels either an attachment to possessions – the more I possess, the more I feel secure – or a foundation of scarcity leading to financial difficulties. A person with a weak Root Chakra is often over or underweight and may have sciatica nerve issues or knee problems.

For more information about the Root Chakra Essence Blend click HERE or the picture.

Mandarin Lights Azalea Flower Essence

Mandarin Lights Azalea Flower
Use Mandarin Lights Azalea when you have difficulty grounding into your life because you experience deep visceral fear and lack of confidence. Helpful when you feel physically vulnerable or weak during uncertainty and adversity. If you lack the ability or will to survive, or sense you are in danger – whether or not it is true – Mandarin Lights Azalea will be your ally.

As Mandarin Lights Azalea Flower Says of Itself: I AM grounded strength and aikido for life!

For more information about Mandarin Lights Azalea flower essence click on the picture.

Coral Sunset Peony Flower Essence

Coral Sunset Peony Flower
Use Coral Sunset Peony Flower Essence when you follow the will of your personal ego instead of following the will of Higher Guidance. It is helpful when you abdicate responsibility for your intentions and actions or when you give up in a sense of defeat. A common complaint is “It’s not fair!”

Align your power with heart-oriented discernment. The Coral Sunset Peony Flower Essence works through the Sacral Chakra for personal power and the Heart Chakra for gentle Divine Guidance. When these two chakras work together, you will develop a genuine personal will aligned with Higher will that has the qualities of gentle softness and strong feminine presence.

As Coral Sunset Peony Flower Says of Itself: I AM personal power guided by the gentle will of Divine Guidance.

For more information about Coral Sunset Peony flower essence click on the picture.

Saskatoon Flower Essence

Saskatoon Flower Essence
Use Saskatoon flower essence when you have challenges with cognitive functions such as thinking, reasoning, remembering, imagining, or learning words. It is helpful when you are learning a lot of new information in a short time or are synthesizing information from a variety of sources. It is also helpful when one part of the brain is more dominant than another part. For example, if you tend to respond from logic to the exclusion of imaginative thinking or react instinctively from fear in situations where altruistic reasoning would be more effective. It is helpful for people who have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder or sensory integration difficulties.

As Saskatoon Flower Says of Itself: I AM ease in the evolutionary process of becoming a whole-brain human.

For more information about Saskatoon flower essence click on the picture.

Red-flowering Current Flower Essence

Red-flowering Currant Flower Essence
Use Red-flowering Currant Flower Essence when you are unable to acknowledge, release and move past deep-seated fear. Helpful when your first response to change and new experiences is fear. You may feel a lack of joy from being caught in fear.

As Red-flowering Currant Flower Says of itself: I AM loving power assisting you to transform that which you most fear.

For more information about Red-flowering Currant flower essence click the picture.

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