February 2004: Deep-rooted Insight and Integration

As we walk around the woods, we see the swelling leaf buds of the Osoberry bush, aka Indian Plum (Oemleria cerasiformis). It is the first harbinger of Spring. In February, the lance shaped leaves and hanging flowers begin to unfurl, providing a display of bright green color in the dark brown woods, By March Osoberry bushes are in full bloom with greenish-white fragrant flowers. The female flowers quickly turn to peach colored pea-sized “plums” hanging in clusters. By April or May the ripe dark purple fruit is edible but bitter to eat. Around here, though, the birds eat the Osoberries long before they are ripe for humans.

Osoberry: Deep-rooted Insight and Integration

 Osoberry bushes have many trunks from 1 inch to 2 inches in diameter. They frequently propagate by branches falling over. The branches root wherever they touch the ground and send up shoots, creating new plants.

The Osoberry (Indian Plum) Flower Essence.

As a flower essence, Osoberry follows naturally after Clary sage (See January 2004 newsletter). Where Clary sage encourages clear vision, Osoberry supports you in the process of grounding and integrating that vision into daily life.

I AM understanding and embodiment of the multifaceted purpose this Earth journey reveals.

I AM conductor and regulator of higher heart energy as it seats into your physical form.

Osoberry Flower Essence helps you feel rooted in your body with physical stamina during the press of busy days. It helps you to stay calm and flow when your plans don’t work out as you expected. Osoberry Essence enhances your understanding of how daily responsibilities integrate with your larger vision and soul purpose, and assists you to set priorities to accomplish what is most important. This may involve letting go of some projects so others may grow. Osoberry Flower Essence encourages self-care to maintain your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing during this process. Click on the picture for more information.