February 2009: Heartfull Peace

Tears came to my eyes as I watched the Inauguration of President Obama. As a people we had gone deeply into our hearts, nurtured the seed of change and peacefully changed our government. I was deeply moved and a heartfull Peace settled over me. Now it is time to seed this change and heartfull Peace into our country and our daily lives. February’s Set of 6 Essences encourages and supports this process in each of our lives. White Fawn Lily is a key essence in this process and it is featured for February.

White Fawn Lily Flower Essence

White Fawn Lily is native to the Pacific Northwest, from Oregon into British Columbia and grows in shallow forest soils. The white flower heads hang downward with the petal tips curved up. After the flower is pollinated the stalk straightens and the flower head turns upward. Indigenous peoples of Western Washington State steamed and ate the corms and used juice from the plants for cuts and sore eyes.

On the flower essence level, white fawn lily helps you to settle into deep loving introspection for the reverence of life and the nature of your gift to the world, the gift of Peace and your authentic self. After you have reached a place of genuine fullness, like a flower that has been pollinated and is ready to spread its seeds, White Fawn Lily Essence supports you to lift your head, soften your eyes, open your heart and radiate Peace and the gift of your Being out to the world.

As White Fawn Lily Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM ripened heartfull Peace and genuine Being radiating out to the world.

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February Set of 6 Essences: Heartfull Peace

(More flower remedy blends are in the process of ripening. Stay tuned.)

The flower essences of this set work together to encourage and support your process of ripening introspection and reverence for all life, then circulating heartfull Peace and your true Being, your authentic gift to the world.

White Fawn Lily: Encourages humility, deep introspection and reverence for all life. Then lift your head, soften your eyes, open your arms and radiate Peace from your heart.

Hardy Fuchsia: Breathe in universal joy through your heart and breathe out your heartfelt Joy. Reawakens “heartapathic” communication.

Nootka Rose: As the buds of this rose open, so can your heart open and bring forth the Light of Love.

Red Elderberry: Reveals Light, your true Being, radiating through the shadows.

Starflower: Remember we are star people; creator and player of the Universal Matrix; we are the ones we have been waiting for.

Tropical Sunset Rose: Facilities heart-felt communication circulating inside your body and outside to the larger system of the world around you.

Generally take 1 or 2 drops (drops, not dropperfuls) of the essences in this set orally 2 to 3 times per day directly from the bottle or added to a glass of drinking water. If you know that you are sensitive to essences or other energy modalities you may want to start at a lower amount.

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