February 2011: Sweet Valentine

We are so close! February offers a time to clear anything that is no longer useful from your personal, astral, and spiritual energy fields, especially old heart wounds. This is preparation for entering the field of Unity as we move into the Universal Underworld/Unity Wave on March 9, 2011. The signs are clear. Life is giving practically everyone I know, including me, the opportunity to heal. Usually this means something will trigger old wounds, so they will surface again.

Sweet Valentine

As an example, another healer and I were recently working on a joint client. The other healer was doing massage influenced by Shiatsu. I was working with the chakras and through the energy fields using flower essences, crystals and feathers. We were both tracking the blockages and movement in the meridians and supporting them as needed. The client’s body/mind asked for Nootka Rose over the heart chakra within her personal emotional field close to her physical body. Later, Sweet Valentine Rose and Foxglove came in together, starting at the outermost boundary of her spiritual fields, about 14 inches above her physical body, and moving in toward her physical body. During this process, I was able to indentify for her a past/concurrent female lifetime when she was unsafe and needed to protect herself. Through using those essences and assuring her that her other self was safe now, the client was able to release the protection that she had been holding and was now transferring to a current situation in her life. The day before this session, I had started writing for this month’s set of 6 essences that includes these 3 essences. Needless to say, I got chills up my spine, a sign of confirmation, when the client’s body/mind asked for them during the session. Sweet Valentine Rose was made July 31, 2009, and is the featured essence for this month.

(For more information on the Mayan Calendar and Universal Underworld check out these resources: March 9, 2011: Dawn of the Unity Wave and Journeys Through Nine Dimensions.)

Sweet Valentine Rose Flower Essence

Sweet Valentine RoseOn the flower essence level, Sweet Valentine Rose Flower Essence works through all of the energy fields out to the 9th layer boundary. It clears both intrusions, irritations and disturbances, and opens and connects the heart chakra. Use Sweet Valentine Rose Flower Essence when you are ready to fully engage your heart chakra, yet feel some thing is holding you back or is in the way. You may or may not be conscious of what that is. Often forgiveness is an essential component to clearing whatever is clogging your energy fields or chakras. Sweet Valentine Rose Essence is a dear ally when you are ready to engage the power of forgiveness. Rather than leaving these experiences as mental constructs or spiritual exercises, Sweet Valentine Rose Essence grounds them into your daily life. .

As Sweet Valentine Rose Flower Essence Essence says of itself:

I AM clear energy fields and heart chakra, calling forth forgiveness.

For more information on Sweet Valentine Rose Flower Essence and the amber, amethyst, garnet, hematite, icoshedron cut quartz, Jeffrey quartz, rose quartz, ruby, rutilated quartz and drusy quartz crystals that energetically grounded this essence while it was being made, go to the link below.

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Sweet Valentine Set of 6 Essences

The sweetest valentine you can give to yourself of another is clear heartfelt love. To do this your energy fields and heart chakra need to be clear, and you need to ground compassion and joy into your daily live. Forgiveness is an important ally in this process, since all is for learning in this Earth School. The six essences in this set work together to support you in the process of giving clear love to yourself, others, our beautiful Earth and All-That-Is.

Sweet Valentine Rose Flower Essence: Opens and connects the heart chakra through all of the personal and spiritual energy fields, calling forth forgiveness; grounds these energies into the physical. Soothes intrusions, irritations and disturbances through all of the energy fields.

Clustered Wild Rose Flower Essence: Engenders strong, heartfelt, compassionate, and purposeful feminine energy. Supports the world consciousness to become more gentle, and compassionate.

Hardy Fuchsia Flower Essence: Breathe in universal joy through your heart and breathe out your heartfelt joy. Reawakens “heartapathic” communication.

Foxglove Flower Essence: Inoculate the seed of the Higher Heart, by practicing forgiveness. All that you experience is for learning. Then, jumpstart the Higher Heart through connecting with the primordial unconditional fire of Love, fire of Creation.

Nootka Wild Rose Flower Essence: Let Divine Love blossom in your life through aligning your heart with the World Heart and the Universal Heart.

Tropical Sunset Rose Flower Essence: Facilities heart-felt communication circulating inside your body and outside to the larger system of the world around you.

Attune your heart to the pulse of Love flowing into Earth and around you now. May all Beings be happy, healthy, safe, and know they are loved!

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