Flash Sale – Peace Begins With Us

Hello Friends,

Fellow empaths know that you are not alone! The weight of the negativity, anger and absolute selfishness I see is crushing me right now. I’m taking the time to manifest the energy around me to help those that I can… but I am exhausted!

I’m trying to keep my spirituality at front and center as best I can. I am lighting different candles for love, protection and peace. I try to do 10 minutes of meditation daily and take some time to ground and reconnect. When I don’t make that time for myself, things start to become too much, then I am not able to slow down and re-center. Exhausting oneself benefits no one. Letting all the negativity from others get to you can only harm your ability to shine. Be the light in the dark!

Using flower essences that speak to me is my way of choosing. Intuition has been a great gift. It took me a few unfortunate life lessons to figure out that my intuition was on point and if I chose to ignore it, I would be wishing I hadn’t. Many of these flower essences have helped me in healing my blockages, wounds, and deep seated sadness. Peace begins within Ourselves. Find your inner light, nurture yourself and take time to connect to your inner voice.

Rhaychell @ Tree Frog Farm

This video was so soothing to my heart that I thought I would share. It is KarmaTube video of the week. Press the link button below to watch it.

Watch How To Be At Home on KarmaTube.org

Pacific Bleeding Heart Flower Essence

Supports compassion for yourself and others as challenging situations unfold. Engenders compassion to see how your mind interprets stories of your life and how this affects your actions. Wrap yourself in the pink light of Divine Love, let go of any fear, and be safely at peace in your Heart’s Home.
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Woodland Strawberry Flower Essence 

Clears negative thinking, worry and anxiety. Creates a sense of ease by separating thoughts from feelings so they pass through your mind freely. Facilitates thinking clearly and feeling authentically.
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Hot Tamale Rose Flower Essence

Use this essence to help ride the wave of chaos, and potential of the transformational roller coaster. Time coded to support your body/mind as you adjust to shifting frequencies.
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Dandelion Flower Essence


Having old anger and rage that are turned outward towards others or inward towards yourself.Difficulty planning and organizing your life and putting into action. Clears the energetic patterns of addictive behaviors like alcoholism and chemical sensitivities, that become imbedded in the liver and gallbladder.
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Mock Orange Flower Essence

Rhythmically releases emotional residue from your cells. Rewrites your cellular energetic patterning to align with new healthier emotional states.
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Twinberry Flower Essence

Calming and soothing. Reduces instinctive and visceral fear, hyperactivity, anxiety and panic attacks.
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Lupine Flower Essence

Lupine essence retrains the energetic pathways when “reflexive” emotions like fear, anxiety and panic take hold. Useful when sensory inputs like smell, sight, sound, touch or physical location trigger emotionally charged memories.
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Goat’s Beard Flower Essence

Use this essence when you feel rushed, jittery, ungrounded, overwhelmed and unstable in your body. This essence grounds you deeply into your body in a relaxed, openhearted and easeful way. It helps you to feel sure-footed, confident, inquisitive and calm as you step into the fullness of your life
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Western Hemlock Tree Essence

Works through the etheric physical, emotional and mental layers of the personal energy fields to soothe irritations, intrusions, and disturbances to these energy fields. Reawakens the clear energy blueprint for these fields and facilitates related healing at the cellular level.
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