July 2007: Circulating Into Abundance: Tropical Sunset Rose

Tropical Sunset RoseRecently I taught a class at the local metaphysical store called Manifesting Abundance with Flower Essences and the Power of Intention. One of the flower essences that I talked about was Tropical Sunset Rose.

Circulating Into Abundance: Tropical Sunset Rose

Tropical Sunset Rose is a hybrid tea rose originally breed by a rose grower in New Zealand. This breathtaking rose has radiant and fanciful pink, white and yellow striations reminiscent of a tropical sunset. Our Tropical Sunset Rose bush is ready to bloom and soon its soft scent with hints of citrus, melon and peach will be wafting through the gardens.

As a flower essence Tropical Sunset Rose facilitates heart-felt communication flowing between you and the larger system of the world.  It also works through the circulatory system, sharing information received by the heart with other parts of the body and returning information from the body to the heart.

In my experience, there are various aspects to creating abundance. Part of bringing abundance into your life is being clear about what you want. Clary Sage Flower Essence can help with that. Another aspect is seeing what stands in your way of manifesting.  Blackcap Raspberry Flower Essence addresses this part. Aligning your emotions with your intentions is another part of the abundance process. Nootka Rose Flower Essence connects you with your heart, your emotional center and connection to the heart of All. The next step is to circulate your heartfelt intentions through your body, out into the world and back again to complete the manifestation loop. Tropical Sunset Rose Flower Essence facilitates this circulation process to bring you into alignment with creating abundance.

As Tropical Sunset Rose says of itself:

AM heartfelt communication circulating within and without.

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