March 2007: Transforming your Genetic Lineage: Bloodroot

Bloodroot“It runs in my family” is a comment I often hear from clients.  “It” could be alcoholism, heart problems, autoimmune issues, respiratory conditions, cancer, depression or a huge array of other physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual issues.  In this time of rapid human and world evolution, genetic patterns that have deepened into DNA imprints are asking to be transformed.  Each time a genetic pattern expresses in your life, you are given an opportunity to change it.

Transforming your Genetic Lineage: Bloodroot

Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) is a powerful herb that is native from mid to northeastern North America. The reddish-brown rhizome clumps often are only partially visible above ground. In March, white flower buds appear on short stalks wrapped in gray-green leaves and look like a parade of white heads. The flowers open to reveal 8 to 12 white petals and a bright yellow center.  Bloodroot typically grows in shady woods and is considered at risk of not being sustainable in the wild due to over harvesting and loss of habitat. (For more information about endangered and “At Risk” medicinal herbs, visit Bloodroot herb is antiseptic and has been used traditionally for fevers, rheumatism, and as an expectorant. Externally it has been used to treat abnormal skin growths. Recently there has been increased interest in bloodroot as an anti-cancer treatment. When using such powerful herbs, it is best to seek the advise of a qualified herbalist.

As a flower essence bloodroot works through your energy fields, and through the etheric body blueprint that expresses through your DNA, to change genetic codes that hinder the embodiment of your full potential.  Bloodroot Flower Essence works best in combination with other flower essences.  As an example, you might use Skunk Cabbage, Chamomile, Orange Wild Honeysuckle and/or Boneset flower essences in conjunction with Bloodroot to retrain an autoimmune/nervous system response of chronic shingles.  Or for a family history of depression, you might consider Lupine, Meadow Rue, Rosa Rugosa and/or Saskatoon flower essences in addition to Bloodroot.

According to the Bloodroot Plant Spirit: “Genetic codes are passed down from parents to children that hold both the memory and the forgetting of who we really are. It is important to heal that which enlivens the forgetting and the resulting behaviors and illnesses, so the full potential of each person is free to blossom.”

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