Mid-May 2017: Calm and Clear

Calm and Clear

Are you cramming for school finals? Preparing for an important business presentation or needing to quickly learn a new job? Are you nervous about traveling because you have difficulty with unfamiliar road signs or languages?

The common ground for all of these is staying calm under pressure or unfamiliar situations. Being able to learn and integrate information quickly and recall it with ease while staying emotionally and physically settled. The essences on special this time are designed to help in these situations, and any time you need mental clarity and body calm.

Calm Centered Clear Essence Blend was introduced in 2008 and continues to be a best seller. The Brain Organ Essence Blend became part of the Organ Blends in 2012 and remains helpful to many people. Lupine and Lavender are important essences in both blends.

InJoy, Diana

When you need to stay calm, clear and settled in your body in any situation,

remember to breathe then reach for your Calm Centered Clear or Brain essences.

Lupine Flower Essence

Many of our body’s alarm circuits are grouped in the amygdala of the brain, which has a primary role in the processing and memory of emotional reactions. Use Lupine Flower Essence when “reflexive” emotions like fear, anxiety and panic take hold, and when sensory inputs like smell, sight, sound, touch or physical location trigger emotionally charged memories. Lupine Flower Essence can be helpful for worry, obsessive thinking, panic attacks, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Lupine Flower Essence retrains the energetic pathways that feed fear and anxiety toward responding from personal peace & gratitude. It supports the process of learning to interrupt a reaction before it can take hold and retrains the neural pathways toward peace and gratitude as an initial response. And Lupine Flower Essence strengthens the energetic pathways between the emotional heart, olfactory system and other parts of the limbic system with the peaceful aspects of the amygdala of the brain.

As Lupine Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM gentle mental ease and heart-centered personal peace.

For more information about Lupine Flower Essence and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – of amber, amethyst, charolite, drusy quartz, icosahedron cut quartz, Larimar, lepidolite, purple (lithium) quartz, watermelon tourmaline and white and red stilbite – go to the link below.

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Lavender Flower Essence

Lavender Flower Essence works through the energy circuits in the brain that interpret the information it is receiving. It helps your brain to compile and assemble packets of information and helps you to understand the many layers of meaning in that information. When you are caught in repetitive thinking, Lavender Flower Essence focuses the morphogenic field of possibility toward peaceful, relaxed flow of thoughts, with a clear a sweet heart-centered space. Strengthens your personal boundaries and brings peace of mind for restful sleep.

As Lavender Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM quiet mind and clear understanding with a sweet heart-centered space.

For more information Lavender Flower Essence and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, amethyst, botryoidal (grape) agate, drusy quartz, icosahedron cut quartz, lepidolite, lithium (purple) quartz, and sugilite crystals – go to the link below.

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Calm Centered Clear Life Process Essence Blend

Calm Centered Clear is a blend of flower essences that work together to help you learn new information quickly and integrate both cognitive and energetic information with ease. It helps you to approach each new situation fresh without automatic associations and reactions, and to remain calm, embodied, with appropriate boundaries, confident and at ease with yourself during this process. Calm Centered Clear helps to calm emotional outburst related to sensory or emotional overload and is helpful for ADD, ADHD and sensory integration. It is great for students and teachers.

Calm Centered Clear makes a wonderful traveling companion. It eases confusion of unfamiliar road signs, frustration of trying to communicate in a different language, and the body edginess of being in a location with a different energetic feeling.

For more information about the Calm Centered Clear Essence Blend, the flower and tree essences in it, and the crystals that energetically charged it – black obsidian, charolite, drusy quartz, lapis, red jasper, smokey quartz with chlorite inclusions – go to the link below.

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Brain Organ Essence Blend

The brain is a biochemical, electrical, multi-dimensional, quantum processor. It regulates the flow of the biochemical, electrical, multi-dimensional information much like the operating system of a computer, a quantum computer. Since it is quantum, information can come in from other dimensions, sources that we may not consciously understand. Also like a computer, memory is decentralized and is stored in bits and bites in a large number of places throughout the brain, body and energy fields. To pull together a complete “file” or memory requires retrieving and interpreting electrical and biochemical “data” from all of these places.

The Brain Blend facilitates clearer thinking, more focus, better memory and increased emotional and mental stability. It increases whole brain functioning by supporting the energetic pathways that facilitate neural and biochemical communication between all parts of the brain and related functions in the body. This leads to a greater sense of wellbeing.

For more information about the Brain Organ Essence Blend, the flower and tree essences in it and the crystals that energetically charged it – amethyst, drusy quartz, fluorite, kyanite, lepidolite and lithium (purple) quartz – go to the link below.

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