Mid August 2012: Gentle Heart

Gentle Heart was the second aromatherapy/flower essence mister that I blended – at the same time as Angels of Light – over 7 years ago. It has a soft rosey with-a-touch-of-lemon scent. About 1 1/2 years ago we added a large rose quartz to the drusy quartz matrix in which the misters are charged. Ahh, more heart sweetness. Now it is time for another upgrade…bringing in self-love.

Gentle Heart

John Lennon said “Love is all you need.” Surely with all that is going on, this is a time for sending love into the world. Yet how can you embody Love to share with others if you don’t love yourself? That is why we added Kinnikinnik Flower Essence.

Gentle Heart Flower Essence & Aromatherapy Mister

I am very happy to introduce the updated and higher frequency Gentle Heart Aromatherapy and Flower Essence Mister with a new label. The essential oils have not changed. It still contains mostly rose geranium with a small amount of Melissa and citronella essential oils. In addition to including Kinnikinnik Flower Essence we also changed the crystal grid. Now the Gentle Heart Mister is charged with a small higher frequency rose quartz, rhodonite and rhodochrosite crystals as well as the drusy quartz. Take your time with this one. Pause and let the feeling of its sweet energy and scent wash over you.

Gently balances, strengthens and opens your heart. Gives a gentle lift to your mood and spirit.

Encourages you to engage life from your heart. Helps to release emotional heart wounds.

Encourages you to express caring love for yourself and others.

Supportive after loss of a loved one. Comforting during times of grief and heartache.

For more information about the Gentle Heart Flower Essence and Aromatherapy Mister and the rose quartz, rhodonite, rhodochrosite and drusy quartz crystals that energetically charge it, go to the link below.

Kinnikinnik Essence is on sale until the end of August since it is new to the formula.

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Kinnikkinnik Flower Essence

Uva ursi, also know as bearberry, grows wild in dry sunny spots through out Europe and the northern hemisphere. The name kinnikinnik comes from the Algonquian Native American language and means “smoking mixture”. The evergreen leaves were smoked by a number of Pacific coastal native groups including Salish, Haida and Nuxalk who made special pipes from gooseberry stems. It was also used by the Haida as a diuretic in kidney disease and to treat infections in the urinary tract. Among present day herbalists, it is best known for treating urinary bacterial infections.

On the flower essence level, Kinnikinnik encourages you to gently snuggle into open-hearted love for yourself. It also opens the back of your heart chakra.

As Kinnikinnik Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM ease with loving myself.

For more information about Kinnikinnik Flower Essence and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, amethyst, drusy quartz and rose quartz – go to the link below:

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