Mid-August 2017: Season of Change

Boat foghorns sound in the milky soup of cool dense air flowing in from the ocean. This is a very hot time for the PNW, yet the cool air is settling in beneath the smoke from Canadian forest fires giving us here in the San Juan Islands cleaner air than we’ve had since the fires first started a couple of weeks ago. Fog, providing a welcome breath and heralding a change of season. Chickadees, nuthatches and squirrels are caching seed for the winter. And spiders are weaving their architectural wonders. Our garden is overflowing with wonderful vegetables, what a feast! Yet, some days I feel challenged to partake of the feast because my stomach is a bit unsettled, I feel overloaded and worried with the state of the world and the current political weirdness.

Add to that Mercury in Retrograde and an upcoming solar eclipse with a new moon – a power packed combination! Mercury retrograde encourages us to review and access our lives and make succulent changes. I’ve read that this eclipse in Leo with the new moon is about opening our hearts to love and shifting human consciousness. There is strong passionate creative aspect to it, too. But how can we use the power of Mercury Retrograde and shift into a higher consciousness creative mode if we are overwhelmed, worried or lacking a sense of safety in today’s world?

To reorient my mind and body to trusting I am safe, I’m spending as much time as I can with my belly on the ground or walking barefoot in the dirt while harvesting garden abundance. I’m also using the Spleen and Stomach Organ Energy Meridian Blends. They relate to the Earth Element and the transitional season of Autumn. Woodland Strawberry and Devil’s Club are key essences in both of these blends. They are all on special from mid-August to mid-September.

InJoy, Diana

P.S. John and I are traveling to Bend, Oregon to see the eclipse with John’s brother and family. Besides eclipse glasses, I’m taking the Electromagnetic Field Vitality (still on special) and the Electrical Systems Integration Blends. Even if you are not watching the eclipse on August 21, you may still feel it. Keep them both handy.

This Autumn, interrupt the tendency for overload and worry by nurturing yourself with hearty harvest meals and connecting deeply with the earth.

Woodland Strawberry Flower Essence

Woodland Strawberry flower essence helps you to separate your thoughts and feelings, which stops the emotionally charged tape loop of anxiety and worry. By establishing multi-directional channels of communication between mental and emotional functions, Woodland Strawberry Flower Essence pulses the emotional center at the heart chakra to operate independently from the cognitive and emotional brain functions. It also clears static from the channels of communication between your personal mental and emotional energy fields. This supports thinking clearly and feeling authentically.

As Woodland Strawberry Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM clear, free-flowing thoughts and authentic feelings..

For more information about Woodland Strawberry Essence and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, clear and green apophyllite, charolite, drusy quartz, lepidolite, and white and red stilbite crystals – click on the picture.

Devil’s Club Flower Essence

Devil’s Club Flower Essence lifts the weight of the world off of your shoulders and comforts your weary soul. It helps you to separate from the thorns of life and nurture yourself, while reconnecting to your spiritual roots. Even though devil’s club is a power plant and healer for Native Americans, the signature applies to all humans. At one time or another, people of every cultural lineage have experienced displacement and disempowerment at the hands of conquerors, religions, corporations or earth changes like floods and volcanic eruptions. When you find peace and connection to Spirit within yourself, you can heal these types of wounds and reconnect to your inspiration and joy.

As Devil’s Club Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM solace to those who are spiritually wounded and world-weary.

For more information about Devil’s Club Flower Essence and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, bloodstone, carnelian, chrysocolla, fire agate, icosahedron quartz, red jasper, smokey quartz and drusy quartz – click on the picture.

Spleen Organ Energy Meridian Blend

The spleen/pancreas organ energy system (spleen system) is the yin to the stomach’s yang. It is known as the “source of life” for the other yin organs since it separates the life force energy (chi) from the food the stomach is processing, and sends this chi to the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. The spleen system itself uses this chi to create blood, circulate it and keep it within the blood vessels. It circulates chi to muscles to keep them strong, and circulates information through out the body supporting memory, concentration and will. The spleen regulates the center; when the center is not stable, excess energy expresses as unproductive repetitive thinking. Since it draws energy up from the body of the Mother Earth, it regulates fertility cycles. The physical spleen/pancreas regulates blood sugar, produces red blood cells and supports the immune system.

The Spleen Organ Energy Meridian Blend works through the energy circuits that surround the physical spleen and the meridian that feeds spiritual energy to it. The Spleen Blend activates balanced blood sugar regulation, healthy immune responses, fertility, and strong, flexible muscles. It calms excessive and obsessive thinking by rerouting that energy back into the body for life energy, and uses this life force energy for motivation and will to put ideas into action. The Spleen Blend provides a deep sense of inner home, of living in your body.

For more information about the Spleen Organ Energy Meridian Blend, the flower and tree essences in it and the crystals that energetically charged it – drusy quartz, fire agate, Inca jade, malachite, peridot, red jasper and sunstones – check out our monthly specials link for more details.

Stomach Organ Energy Meridian Blend

The stomach organ energy system is the yang to the spleen’s yin. The stomach system digests food and experiences, provides nourishment, a sense of stability, center and place on Earth. Symptoms of stomach system out of balance include digestive issues, sinus problems, headaches in the forehead, TMJ, and surface skin issues like minor rashes. Unbalanced stomach system fuels worry, anxiety, unhealthy relationships and lack of safety.

The Stomach Organ Energy Meridian Blend works through the energy circuits that surround the physical stomach and the meridian that feeds spiritual energy to it. It balances your appetite for food and stimulates your appetite for life. It helps resolve digestive issues, encourages self-nourishment, gracefully receiving abundance, and supports strong, flexible muscles. The Stomach Blend addresses worry, anxiety, feeling unsafe and ungrounded, and supports stepping out into the world with centered confidence, creating nourishing relationships, and facing the challenges of life with balanced emotions.

For more information about the Stomach Organ Energy Meridian Blend, the flower and tree essences in it and the crystals that energetically charged it – drusy quartz, fire agate, Inca jade, malachite, peridot, red jasper and sunstones – check out our monthly specials link for more details.

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