Mid-January 2012: Embodiment of Your Full Potential

The Kidney and Bladder Organ Energy Meridian Blends have struck a chord with our newsletter readers. Not surprising. Winter is a quieter and slower time than most of the year. We go deep emotionally- whether we like it or not – which often brings up wounds to be healed. Lately almost everyone I talk with brings up family lineage issues. So we decided to offer Bloodroot Essence as an additional special for the rest of January. It is not in the Kidney or Bladder Blends, and is a wonderful compliment to them and the Red-flowering Current Essence.

Embodiment of Your Full Potential

Bloodroot Flower Essence

From the bloodroot plant spirit: “This essence helps to heal the ancient wounds that still fester in the DNA of humans today. Assistance with healing family lineage is of critical importance now. Genetic codes are passed down from parents to children that hold both the memory and the forgetting of who we really are. It is important to heal that which enlivens the forgetting and the resulting behaviors and illnesses, so the full potential of each person is free to blossom.” This information came through in 2006 when the Bloodroot Essence was made. My Guidance says it is even more important now as we move into the major shifts of 2012.

Bloodroot flower essence works through your energy fields, the etheric body blueprint and your DNA to change genetic codes that hinder the embodiment of your full potential.

As Bloodroot Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM the embodiment of my full potential this lifetime.

For more information about Bloodroot Flower Essence and the Amber, Amethyst, Angelite, Drusy Quartz, Icosahedron Cut Quartz, Pink Sapphire, Rhodochrosite and White Moonstone crystals that energetically grounded this essence while it was being made, go to the link below.

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