Mid-October 2021: Changes

Entrance to Tree Frog Farm

When I was new to Lummi Island just after my first child was born, I used to take her on long stroller walks along the roads. When we would reach Sunrise Rd, I would always whisper to her that we were in the ‘Fairy Forest’. This is a stretch of road virtually untouched for the most part, and Tree Frog Farm sits on one corner of it. The trees that have fallen within this forest remain where they lay, as nature intended, and a lush green blanket of moss covers the landscape. Tree ferns and lichen adorn their trunks and branches. There was magic here and I could feel it. Fairy magic to be precise! I did not know at the time anything about Tree Frog Farm and looking back, it very well could have just been a remembering of sorts. My soul recognized that this was something that would become a significant part of my life one day, even though I was still years away from knowing.

Life transforms. We see it all year-’round here in the gardens at Tree Frog Farm. The flowers transform themselves as they transform the world around them. Growth and transformation may seem difficult, so you may find that you put up resistance to it. It is sometimes scary to face change but these things were always known, and have been waiting for us to arrive. We agreed on them before we were embodied in this lifetime. There is much work to do!

There is change happening. This change comes with a natural flow of energy and love. Diana and John have been working on plans and finalizing the legal aspects of passing down the business to Stu and me. We have studied, experienced, and incorporated the wonderful world that Diana has brought us into. Honored and humbled, we are diligently weaving the fabric that is Tree Frog Farm in all of its aspects into our routines. Without question, we will continue the work that Nature has invited us to share with the world.

We have formed a special kinship with many of you who have reached out to us about your experiences and struggles. We love what we do here! Helping thousands of loyal customers from all over the world heal to wholeness with Tree Frog Farm Essences. Diana’s 71st birthday is tomorrow, October 16th. She would be so very touched to hear from you if you want to reach out, send an email, and wish her a Happy Birthday!

The essences and blends chosen to be on special from Mid-October to Mid-November all resonated with me as needing to be spotlighted this month. Echinacea Flower Essence is a key essence in the Kidney OEM Essence Blend, Tropical Sunset Rose Essence is in Heart Chakra Essence Blend and in Manifest Essence Blend, which also has White Fawn Lily as one of its key essences.

As we transition into taking on the business, Diana has asked me to take over our semi-monthly newsletters. This is a big deal! Please bear with us as we embark on this new chapter of Tree Frog Farm.

In Gratitude, Rhaychell

Kidney Organ Energy Meridian Essence Blend

Use Kidney Organ Energy Meridian (OEM) Essence Blend when you experience reoccurring kidney stones or diseases, shock and fear, panic attacks, adrenal depletion, chronic fatigue, or frequently feel wired-tired. A person with kidney system imbalance often lacks will, motivation, or resilience. Contributes to edema and autoimmune responses.

The kidney system holds the memory of family lineage trauma. Fear and shock are the emotional responses most associated with the kidney system. Adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys and produce adrenaline that participates in the body’s fight/flight/freeze response and cortisol that stimulates stress. Long-term adrenaline and cortisol overproduction, partly brought on by chronic fear, can lead to adrenal burnout and chronic fatigue.

The kidney meridian starts at the underside center of the foot. It moves to the inside of the foot and circles the ankle. Then it moves up the inside of each leg, through the groin, and up the center of the torso about an inch from the centerline, ending at the collarbones.

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Heart Chakra Flower Essence Blend

Symptoms for use of the Heart Chakra Flower Essence Blend include shutting off feelings, becoming emotionally disabled by taking on too much of other people’s pain and suffering, having difficulty with personal relationships, and being co-dependent. This also extends to the bigger picture of feeling the Earth’s pain and the suffering of people, animals, and plants so deeply to the point that it becomes debilitating. A guarded Heart Chakra can lead to self-destructive tendencies. Emotion symptoms associated with the Heart Chakra are sadness, grief, sorrow, feeling bereft or heartbroken.

The Heart Chakra’s love is unconditional, enduring, eternal, and constant. It is a state of being in harmony with yourself, instead of being attached to a person or an object of your affection. Love is our natural state of being. You find it within yourself when you experience this type of love all around you in everything. When the Heart Chakra is in resonance with Life, feelings such as compassion, gratitude, joy, self-love, wonder, and bliss fill your life. You become oriented to living in the present moment with peace and equanimity. The Heart Chakra Flower Essence Blend aligns the Heart Chakra to receive these abundant qualities.

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Manifest Essence Blend

  • Create what you want to manifest! This flower essence blend helps you come into alignment with the highest purpose for your current life process or project. It assists you to move through the following steps and stages:
  • Believe in your ability, as a multidimensional human being, to manifest.
  • Become clear about what you want to create.
  • See what stands in your way.
  • Align your thinking, emotions, and body with what you want
  • When you encounter blocks and slowdowns use spiritually aligned intention to breakthrough
  • Move past family lineage and societal conditioning
  • Remember who you are and why you want to engage in this process or project
  • Transfer ideas and intentions from outside of time into grounded action within time. This includes developing specific measurable goals with a timeline
  • Regularly affirm your intentions and goals by reading them, rituals, etc.
  • Relax, trust and create with confidence, gentleness, joy, and gratitude
  • Yet be willing to let go of your plans and flow with what is unfolding. Sometimes your conscious mind isn’t aware of the bigger picture that your higher dimensional aspects are in the process of revealing
  • Say thank you and graciously receive what you, as a multi-dimensional Being, have created

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Echinacea Flower Essence

Use Echinacea Flower Essence when your self-image is beginning to change, but you haven’t completely become your “new” self. When you feel uneasy or become ill during major transitions, Echinacea Flower Essence will be a welcome ally.

Echinacea Flower Essence breaks up whatever is holding you back from the changes that are in process. It slows down your reaction time to the changes making them more digestible and absorbable. This in turn makes your progress more visible. When you don’t release old images of yourself, they become stagnant and weaken your immune system. Echinacea Flower Essence stimulates letting go of these old self-images, making it more likely that you will remain healthy and strong during this transition time.

As Echinacea Flower Essence Says of Itself

I AM fully ripened heartful Peace and genuine Being radiating out to the world.

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White Fawn Lily Flower Essence

Use White Fawn Lily Flower Essence when you feel unsure of offering the gift of your authentic self to the world. Perhaps you don’t feel clear about your gift. Perhaps you don’t feel ready yet. You might sense that you need to go deeper with yourself first. Perhaps you aren’t sure if it is the right time. Or perhaps you are eager to offer your gift before it has ripened within yourself before you have tasted reverence for all life. White Fawn Lily is also helpful when your gift is ripened, you know it is time to offer peace and your gift, and yet you still feel hesitant.

White Fawn Lily Flower Essence helps you settle into deep loving introspection and reverence for all life. This inspires the nature of your gift to the world, the gift of Peace, and your authentic self. After you have reached a place of genuine fullness, like a flower that has been pollinated and is ready to spread its seeds, White Fawn Lily Essence supports you to lift your head, soften your eyes, open your heart, and radiate peace and the gift of your Being out to the world.

As White Fawn Lily Flower Essence Says of itself:

I AM fully ripened heartful Peace and genuine Being radiating out to the world.

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Tropical Sunset Rose Flower Essence

Use Tropical Sunset Rose Flower Essence when you have challenges communicating from your heart and receiving heartfelt communication from others. Helpful when you have difficulty putting your energy “out there” to create what you want.

Everything you encounter gives off an electromagnetic impulse filled with living communication. Clinical studies done by researchers of heart and intuition show that the heart receives this electromagnetic information from the environment first, then within split seconds, sends this information to the brain including parts that relate to expanded consciousness.

The energies circulate within you then move back out into the world, in a never-ending communication loop. The inner communication carries a more feminine quality as it circulates in your body and the external communication has a more masculine quality as it circulates through the outer world. The strongest and most balanced point is where they meet at the heart. This enables you to send and receive heartfelt communication through these electromagnetic pulses whether they are inside of your body or outside in the larger environment.

As Tropical Sunset Rose Says of Itself:

I AM heartfelt communication circulating within and without.

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