Mid-September 2019: Emotional, Mental & Boundary Help 😀

School has started. Students, teachers, and staff all need to be emotionally and mentally clear with everyone getting settled into the routine of a new school year. Having good boundaries is a big part of this. It’s easy to get nervous and overloaded with hundreds, or even thousands, of students in the tight quarters of a school building. Friends find friends from previous years, and newcomers try to fit in. Sometimes all of this is familiar and easy. Sometimes it is too much, uncomfortable, and even distressing. For some students, the way to cope is to withdraw and shut down. Help is here!

Stu - Bus Driver

Calm Centered Clear and Brain Essence Blends, and the Golden Armor Flower Essence and Aromatherapy Mister, are wonderful allies as school starts and all through the school year. Twinflower, Pennyroyal, and Golden Celebration Rose Flower Essences are in Calm Centered Clear and in the Golden Armor Mister. Twinflower and Pennyroyal are also in the Brain Essence Blend. These make wonderful allies for students, teachers, and staff to stay mentally clear, have good boundaries, and be calm. They are on special through mid-October.

P.S. All of these essences and the Golden Armor Aromatherapy Mister are very helpful at work, too!

At Tree Frog Farm we are also adjusting to the new school year. Stu is the new bus driver for Lummi Island. He transports the kids early morning and mid-afternoon. In between, he works for us. Gratefully, it is working out quite well.

InJoy, Diana

At school or work use flower essences to stay clear and calm with good boundaries.

Golden Celebration Rose Flower Essence

Golden Celebration Rose

Use Golden Celebration Rose Flower Essence when having weak personal boundaries. This often results in wanting to protect yourself from the energy of the world around you by pushing people and experiences away. Doing so may lead to experiencing a lack of joy and feeling withdrawn or depressed.

Golden Celebration Rose Flower Essence wakes up both your connection to the sweet song of the Universe and your awareness of your personal integrity shield. This allows you to sense the golden column of light through the center of your body, which creates protection from the inside out. From this deeply relaxed and safe place, you can let down your armor and engage life with enthusiasm. Throw open the window of your heart and breathe in the deep joy and peace of the Universe!

As Golden Celebration Rose Flower Essence says of itself:

 I AM the openhearted celebration of peace, joy, and harmony in the midst of Life.

For more information about Golden Celebration Rose Flower Essence, sounds of rattle and spirit song coming through Diana’s voice and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, azeztulite, drusy quartz, gold, golden Lemurian seed crystal, golden topaz, icosahedron quartz, Inca jade, Peruvian pink opal, white and red stilbite, and yellow calcite – click on the picture.

Twinflower Flower Essence


Use Twinflower Flower Essence when you feel overwhelmed, hyped up, agitated or reactive to external sensory stimuli. This can manifest as difficulty being in crowded, noisy, or visually over-stimulating places. For some people, almost any environment feels too intense. Even the sensation of clothing touching skin can be too much. Other symptoms that Twinflower Essence addresses include the inability to sit still, focus and track activities, also mental confusion, and inability to make a decision because it feels like there are too many choices.

Twinflower Essence calms agitation from mental confusion and frustration resulting from sensory overload. It can be useful for children and adults that are very sensitive to their surroundings, touch, and textures. Twinflower Essence can help children and adults settle their energy and focus their attention. During rapid spiritual expansion, Twinflower Essence helps the body/mind take in and integrate increased sensory input with ease.

As Twinflower Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM ease and calm while taking in my surroundings.

For more information about Twinflower Flower Essence, spirit song coming through Diana’s voice, deer spirit and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence – amber, azurite, citrine, drusy quartz, fluorite, icosahedron quartz, prehnite, smokey quartz, and sodalite – click on the picture.

Pennyroyal Flower Essence

Pennyroyal Flower

Use Pennyroyal Flower Essence to address nervous system activation typically brought on by trauma, abuse, or shock. This can create symptoms like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, hypertension, high blood pressure, aggression, depleted adrenal glands, and difficulty eating and sleeping. When you believe that life is a continual effort to survive, use this essence. Pennyroyal essence is also helpful when your nervous system overloads from rapid spiritual growth.

Pennyroyal Flower Essence cycles through the fight/flight/freeze response of the sympathetic nervous system and calms the adrenaline response, so you can return to the restful state brought forth by the parasympathetic nervous system. In doing so, it helps to bring down emotional reactions like fear and helplessness, and it calms behaviors like aggression.

By clearing flight/flight/freeze imprints in the physical etheric and emotional energy fields, Pennyroyal Essence encourages a balanced sympathetic/parasympathetic response that leads to fully engaging life with centered tranquility, ease, and calm. Calm doesn’t mean just the cessation of reactions to perceived dangers or settling the buzz out of the nervous system. Deep peaceful calm means encouraging a sense of safety and strength to be at home in your physical body.

As Pennyroyal Flower Essence says of itself:

I AM centered strength to fully engage life with peaceful calm and ease.

For more information about Pennyroyal Flower Essence, sounds of rattle and spirit song coming through Diana’s voice and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence –amber, amethyst, blue aragonite, charoite, drusy quartz, icosahedron cut quartz, Inca jade (nephrite), larimar, lepidolite, and smokey quartz – click on the picture.

Calm Centered Clear Flower Essence Blend

Calm Centered Clear Essence Blend

Calm Centered Clear is a blend of flower essences that work together to help you learn new information quickly and integrate both cognitive and energetic information with ease. It helps you to approach each new situation fresh without automatic associations and reactions, and to remain calm, embodied, with appropriate boundaries, confident, and at ease with yourself during this process. Calm Centered Clear helps to calm emotional outbursts related to sensory or emotional overload and is helpful for ADD, ADHD, and sensory integration. It is great for students and teachers.

For more information about the Calm Centered Clear Essence Blend, the flower and tree essences in it, and the crystals that energetically charged it – black obsidian, charoite, drusy quartz, lapis, red jasper, and smokey quartz with chlorite inclusions – click on the picture.

 Brain Flower Essence Blend

Brain Essence Blend - Tree Frog Farm

The physical brain is a receiver, transducer, and processor of information. There are actually four brains that make up the brain:

  1. Brain Stem/Instinctive/Autonomic/Reptilian
  2. Limbic/Emotional/Old Mammalian
  3. Cerebral Cortex/Cognitive/Newer Mammalian
  4. Prefrontal Cortex/Higher Consciousness, Compassion, Long Range Planning/God Mind

The brain is a biochemical, electrical, multi-dimensional, quantum processor. It is like a computer, a quantum computer. Memory is decentralized and is stored in a number of places throughout the brain, body, and energy fields. Our beliefs, customs, and habits are created by repeated use of certain neural pathways and biochemical states. When all of this is functioning in a harmonious and balanced state, we think clearly, feel open and our biochemistry facilitates our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. When there has been an injury, disease, trauma, or other kinds of disruption in harmonious brain functioning, you may experience a wide range of symptoms.

The Brain Blend facilitates clearer thinking with more focus and increased emotional and mental stability. It increases whole-brain functioning by supporting the energetic pathways that facilitate neural and biochemical communication between all parts of the brain and related functions in the body. This leads to a greater sense of well-being.

For more information about the Brain Essence Blend, the flower and tree essences in it, and the crystals that energetically charged it – amethyst, drusy quartz kyanite, fluorite lepidolite, and lithium (purple) quartz – click on the picture.

Golden Armor Aromatherapy and Flower Essence Mister

Golden Armor Aromatherapy and Essence Mister - Tree Frog Farm

The Golden Armor Flower Essence and Aromatherapy Mister have an earthy yet light scent that both kids and adults enjoy. The actions of the flower essences and essential oils are feeling safe in any environment and having appropriate comfortable boundaries without hiding from or pushing away other people.

Invites you to feel safe in the outside world. Pull down your armor and let people and impressions in without feeling overwhelmed or unsafe. Great for children, teens, and adults who are sensitive to the energies of other people and to their physical surroundings.

Create appropriate boundaries with the true protection of your Light from within. Relax and engage life with joy!

Helps the body/mind to sort and integrate sensory information while staying grounded, centered, and settled in your body. Useful anywhere there is a high stimulus such as school, on the job, at shopping malls, or while traveling.

For more information about Golden Armor Flower Essence and Aromatherapy Mister and the crystals that energetically charged it – amazonite, black tourmaline, golden topaz, and drusy quartz – click on the picture.

Suggested Reading:

The Sweet Breathing of Plants - Book

The Sweet Breathing of Plants

Edited by Linda Hogan and Brenda Peterson

I found a treasure on my bookshelf!

I had forgotten about this book for years until it caught my attention recently.

The Sweet Breathing of Plants is a collection of writings on the green world by thirty-nine women authors and poets with diverse writing styles on a variety of topics. Of the ones I have reread, I have four favorites so far. I nodded my head in agreement while reading My Life with Weed. I laughed with Mulch, cried with For the Maples, and felt heartbroken while reading Killing Our Elders. When I’m in the mood, I pick up the book, open it to a story and start reading. I’m always enthralled. I highly recommend this book.

InJoy, Diana

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