October 2007: Ancient Wisdom: Garry Oak Tree

Two years ago the Fairy Human Relations Congress was held in an Oak Grove at Riversong Sanctuary just outside of Hood River, Oregon. The spirit of oak tree settled into my awareness as we arrived.  At the Congress I taught a class about flower essences and we made the Garry Oak Tree Essence.  Oak trees are one of the most sacred plants of the Celtic tradition and many of the people who attended this gathering are of Celtic ancestry.  We learned how to reawaken that rich tradition of communing with nature beings and ancestor spirits.  We experienced the playfulness and depth of being in contact with those of the unseen realms.  For several days we lived, ate, made ritual, played and meditated in a state of alternate reality.  How fitting it is that the Garry Oak Tree Essence asked to be made at that gathering!

Ancient Wisdom: Garry Oak Tree

Garry oak trees, aka Oregon white oaks, are native from the Southern California Coastal Ranges through Oregon and Washington to the Cascade Mountain range and gulf islands of Southwestern British Columbia. They grow at low elevations on dry rocky slopes, bluffs or sometimes in deep rich, well-drained soils and can reach 75 feet tall. The bark is light grey with deep furrows and ridges. Garry oak trees flower in spring as the leaves appear.  The leaves are deeply lobed dark green above and greenish–yellow with red to yellow hairs below. In fall, many native peoples ate the acorns. Garry Oak is a different species than the oaks of the sacred groves in Celtic lands.  However it carries much of the same spiritual essence.

On the flower essence level, Garry Oak Tree Essence assists you in the process of moving into and out of alternate realities and dimensions. This could include ritual, extended spiritual practice, meditation retreat, shamanic journeying, or channeling information from spirits and guides of other dimensions. If you have challenges reentering and integrating those experiences, symptoms could include nervous system hypersensitivity, headaches, being spaced out and unable to think clearly about ordinary daily things, disassociating and not wanting to be a part of daily life, or fear about what other people might think about your alternate reality experiences.

In this time of year when the veils between worlds are thinning, Garry Oak Tree is a ready ally.  It holds the ancient knowledge of the ancestors about meeting and communing with nature beings, spirit guides and your highest wisdom.  It can help you know that your experiences of being a multidimensional person are as natural as breathing.

As Garry Oak Tree says of itself:

I AM the experience of being at home in all dimensions including Earth.

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