October 2014: Your Electromagnetic Field Vitality

Your Electromagnetic Field Vitality

TorusMercury goes into retrograde again October 4th-25th. Can you feel it? Some of my clients are already experiencing jitteriness and a sensation of being amped up. Emotions are on edge and interpersonal communications tend to go awry. Computers and other electronic equipment often go bonkers. During mercury retrograde, it is also beneficial to look back, assess situations and make plans for forward movement. This is a time for keeping your electromagnetic energies aligned and your mental, emotional and spiritual “backbone” strong.

I’ve been working on a new blend for EM Fields for several of years. This formula has been given rave reviews by a local naturopath, some clients and customers over the last year. Now is the time to introduce it to everyone. Please welcome…Electromagnetic Field Vitality!!

Spiritual Spine, one of our most loved formulas, will be a companion of Electromagnetic Field Vitality for October. Together they provide support for this mercury retrograde cycle and beyond. Pearly Everlasting Flower Essence is a key ingredient in both blends and is also on special during October.

In Joy, Diana

Pearly Everlasting Flower Essence

Pearly EverlastingPearly everlasting is an herbaceous perennial wildflower found throughout most of North America, except the southeastern United States. Stems grow up to three feet tall with long and slender leaves that have green surfaces and white-woolly undersides. White involucre bracts surround yellow disk flowers. These bracts remain fresh in appearance long after the center flowers have wilted, making them well suited for dried flower arrangements. Thus, the name Pearly Everlasting. Indigenous peoples often used it by making poultices for treatment of sores, boiling in tea or a steam bath for rheumatism, or smoking to treat colds. It was also among many native species used as a tobacco substitute.

On the flower essence level, Pearly Everlasting invites you to resonant with the Divine Song of the Universe by strengthening the connection between the 9th layer (the outer boundary) of your energy fields and your 3rd Eye, Crown and Star chakras. In the process, it impulses clearing out whatever is in the way of making these connections, and restores cellular memory of Divine Awareness.

As Pearly Everlasting Flower Essence says of itself:
I AM resonant with the Divine Song of the Universe through my energy fields into my body.

For more information about Pearly Everlasting Flower Essence and the crystals that energetically grounded this essence–amber, cavansite, drusy quartz, icosahedron cut quartz, Jeffrey quartz, and rutilated quartz–go to the link below.

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Electromagnetic Field Vitality Essence Blend

Electromagnetic Field Vitality Essence BlendElectromagnetic Field Vitality is designed to strengthen and vitalize the electromagnetic fields in and around you body. It helps your personal energy fields, body and mind adjust to electromagnetic influences such as computers, cell phones, changes in Earth’s electromagnetic fields and solar flares. Some of the crystals that charge this blend help to reduce the impact of radiation, and may transfer that quality to this blend. However, that hasn’t been proven yet.

For more information about Electromagnetic Field Vitality Essence Blend, the flower and tree essences in it, and the crystals that energetically charged it–amazonite, copper, drusy quartz, healer’s gold, Herkimer diamond, and smokey quartz with citrine–go to the link below.

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Spiritual Spine Essence Blend

Spiritual Spine Essence Blend aligns your physical spine with the energies of spiritual spine. It instills courage, fortitude, and flexibility during tumultuous times. It encourages having the “backbone” to stay grounded during chaos while accessing personal peace and compassionate equanimity. It aligns your chakras, and keeps you connected energetically to Mother Earth’s energy fields while experiencing your multidimensional Self. Spiritual Spine supports you to stand in your power and see through the illusion of the collective fear, to sense what feelings are yours and what are not. Then to compassionately and gently release what is not yours. All the while being able to function in your daily life.

For more information about Spiritual Spine Essence Blend, the flower and tree essences in it, and the drusy quartz, golden topaz, icosahedron cut quartz, Jeffrey’s quartz, moldavite and spirit quartz (citrine and amethyst) crystals that energetically charged it, go to the link below

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During mercury retrograde, keep your electromagnetic fields aligned, and your body, emotions and thinking grounded in peace.

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