September 2004: Fairy Rose of the Blue Moon

Our pink, miniature Fairy Rose came to us through a rescue project 2 years ago. We were invited to salvage what we wanted from an abandoned horticultural therapy site that had gone fallow and overgrown before it was plowed under. In hacking back the brambles we found little Fairy Rose barely leafed out and hanging on to what nutrients and sunlight she could find. Carefully we lifted her out and brought her to Tree Frog Farm. Fairy Rose has responded with a profusion of seashell pink flower clusters from which she asked to have an essence made.

Fairy Rose of the Blue Moon

On July 31, the blue moon day (second full moon in a calendar month), Diana led a flower essence class where Fairy Rose essence was made. During the class, time was set aside for communing with Fairy Rose and sharing the experience. Several people brought up play, consciousness and light. One person said the fairies wanted the mother (storage) bottles to sit out overnight under the genesa crystal (a sacred geometry configuration that balances and stabilizes energy) so they could play around them during the blue moon. Leaving the essences out overnight is very unusual; so Diana confirmed the suggestion and set the mother bottles under the genesa crystal, placing roses in the corners of the 4 directions until the next morning.

Another aspect of the gift of this essence became apparent after use by Diana and others. Many of us have been working hard for years with our healing and evolutionary processes. It is time to incorporate a playful aspect with this urgent and serious work that we are doing.

Fairy RoseFairy Rose of the Blue Moon (Rosa “Fairy Rose”)

Enliven your transformational process through conscious Divine play with friends of Light on all dimensions.

I AM conscious play of the Universe coursing through your body/being continuum.


All of us at Tree Frog Farm hope that the transition into the Fall season nourishes you. We are happy to answer questions about these essences or any of our other products. Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm.